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    Can't start a home business? Maybe you can telecommute from home for your current employer. Join the tens of millions who tele-work. Learn how to set yourself up to telecommute and work with the outside office.

    By Andy Roe

    The concept of working from home or telecommuting has quickly gone from an experiment for many companies to part of the mainstream.

    We’ve put together the following graphic to give you the whole picture of the “Home Office Revolution,” – where it’s going, the advantages and ways in which you can make it work for you and your business.


    Use it as a Business Productivity Tool
    By Dan Burrus

    In the early days of cell phones, they were used merely for talking. Today, cell phones have a myriad of other applications. For many people, their cell phone is their daily organizer, music player, camera, GPS system, and news and weather device. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the very near future, cell phones will also be people’s banks, credit card, keys, remote control, and video conferencing platform, just to name a few.

    Belkin N+ Wireless Router and N+ Wireless USB Adapter

    For those who work from home, some new office equipment can really help increase their productivity. The Belkin N+ Wireless Router and N+ Wireless USB Adapter allow you to browse the Internet without having to run long cables from your modem to your laptop. It takes the Internet signal from your modem and broadcasts it wirelessly so that all the computers in your house can get online, easily.

    The Future of Meetings

    By Daniel Burrus

    Rising gas prices, airline cutbacks, canceled and delayed flights, skyrocketing travel costs…These are just a few of the challenges facing businesses today.

    Software and Technology Tools That Make a New Start-Up a Breeze

    By Gregory Grabowski, PE, LEED AP

    We’ve all started with the same question — How do I get my home business off the ground when I have to pay the bills? The bald facts are that most of us will have to have two jobs for a while; our Day Job, and what we ultimately will be our fulfilling Home Business. With a little planning and a lot less money than you think, you can begin building your Home Office infrastructure while sneaking it around the day job. Let’s see how.

    Mobile Broadband to Exceed 140 Million U.S. Subscribers in 2013 Will Create New Opportunities for Fixed and Mobile Services for the Home-Based Entrepreneur

    Consumers are growing more sophisticated in their purchasing habits for electronics and services, even as they rein in their total spending, according to international research firm Parks Associates.

    Take Your Existing Job and Work Part-Time from Home
    By Gregory Grabowski, PE

    Back in January, I made a few New Years Resolutions — work out more; spend more time with my family; eat right. You know — the usual. One resolution I made that I was able to keep was to telecommute at least 30% of the time. I’m putting a plan in place right now to increase that to 45% in 2008 to save me time and money, and I am going to tell you how you can do it, too.

    Put a Plan Together to Work From Home in Your Existing Job
    By Debra A. Dinnocenzo

    Do you yearn for a more balanced life and a more flexible approach to work? Do you dream about productive workdays that don’t include the drain of time and energy devoted to commuting? Do you spend time in traffic (on the highway or sitting in an airplane seat) and wonder if there might not be a better way? Has the cost of gasoline made you determined to find a way to spend less time on the road and more time taking the Internet to work? Well, you have a growing crowd of similar thinkers.

    Keep Your Day Job, Work From Home, and Even Improve Your Company's Productivity
    By Gregory Grabowski, PE

    My time is precious, and I guard it jealously. Every hour I spend on the road or in a car keeps me away from my family and the things that I enjoy.

    Save on Gas Costs While You Connect Live and On-Camera to Your Business World
    By Gregory Grabowski, PE

    Do you need Video Teleconferencing?



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