Seasoned Businessman Fred Dawkins' "Everyday Entrepreneur"


    As globalization and technology continue to enforce rapid change in the world’s economy – and in turn minimize opportunities for the average worker bee’s upward mobility – there has arguably never been a more important time in history to know how to create and manage one’s own career.


    In Everyday Entrepreneur [Dundurn Press], seasoned businessman Fred Dawkins exposes the truth – and tackles pervasive misconceptions – about what it really takes to stand on your own two feet and build a business from the ground up.


    The culmination of Dawkins’ four-plus decades as a successful serial entrepreneur, Everyday Entrepreneur is the antithesis of the dry, textbook-style ‘how-to’ business book that too often posits entrepreneurship as the exclusive domain of risk-taking rebels. From the stay-at-home mom who’s toying with the idea of establishing an Etsy shop to the college whiz kid with the programming wherewithal to unleash the next Instagram on the world (but no idea where to start), Everyday Entrepreneur uses an engaging, relatable and subtly educational narrative to provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to achieve their goals… and not rely on the ‘benevolence’ of big business, big government or big labor in doing so.


    “I am a lifelong student of business, but a reluctant reader of most business books,” admits Dawkins. “Everyday Entrepreneur allows people to draw their own conclusions about entrepreneurship – which contrary to popular opinion, can be taught, must be taught, and is finally being taught.”


    The first installment in Dawkins’ Entrepreneurial Edge trilogy (the second book, Family Entrepreneur, is slated for October 2014 release), Everyday Entrepreneur is already being lauded by the likes of the National Post, the Rotman School of Business and business leaders as a unique and extremely effective teaching tool to encourage and prepare aspiring entrepreneurs – and those already in business – alike. 

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