Does Your Sales Team Work For Your Customer?



    By Steve Blue

    When a conflict arises between your company and a customer, does your salesperson side with the customer? When it comes time for a price increase do your salespeople make it happen or do they sandbag you until you give up? Ever hear the expression “customers pay the bills”? Or how about this: “the customer is always right."

    These are signs of sales people who may be on your payroll, but they work for your customer. If you think that is a good thing, think again. Your customer will put you right out of business by squeezing your margins to nothing if they can get away with it. Your customers are constantly advising your competition about how they can deliver better quality or lower price than you can.

    Your customers will abandon you in a minute for a better deal somewhere else. So why on earth would you want sales people who work for your customer?


    Steve Blue

    CEO of Miller Ingenuity

    Growth authority and “turnaround specialist”

    hp: 6/5/2014




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