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Selling Tactics

    Stop Waiting by the Phone

    Three Steps to Take to Keep a Sale Moving Forward

    Steve had a successful meeting with a prospect that expressed great interest and asked a lot of questions about his products, and told him to reach out in a few weeks about doing business when things settled down.

    Steve called the prospect several times over the next month, but the prospect never responded. Steve, like so many salespeople, is left waiting and hoping that eventually the prospect will return his calls. How do you avoid suffering the same fate as Steve?

    The Key to Successful Selling in a Home-Based Business

    Become A Priority!

    By Sales Coach Nathan Jamail

    Why is it that a sales professional’s number one priority is to close the sale and yet buying the product is the prospective customer’s last priority? Your product or service cannot become a customer’s number 1 priority until you understand the customer's priorities.

    Profitable Benefits of Having a Robust B2B Sales Process

    A sales process (or sales pipeline) is the journey sales teams take prospects on to encourage them to become a customer. However, sales teams need more than the typical sales pipeline. They need a robust B2B sales process. Here are the benefits:

    Does Your Sales Team Work For Your Customer?

    By Steve Blue

    When a conflict arises between your company and a customer, does your salesperson side with the customer? When it comes time for a price increase do your salespeople make it happen or do they sandbag you until you give up? Ever hear the expression “customers pay the bills”? Or how about this: “the customer is always right."

    Customer Service


    Priced to Sell

    10 Tips for Finding the Right Price for Your Goods
    By Chip Averwater

    "Avoid costly mistakes with pricing and get ahead of the competition."

    Any business’s survival depends on finding the ever-elusive right price — that magic number that will get people to buy from them in an online-discounts-dominated market while still allowing them to make a profit. No matter what you’re selling, the "right" price to ask for your goods is never clearly defined.

    Using Barter to Boost Sales

    Savvy business owners are discovering that bartering is a great vehicle for moving excess inventory, attracting new customers, and generating barter dollars that can be used for advertising and other business expenses.


    Practice Your Math Every Day

    Set the Right Price for Your Product or Service

    Turns out your math teachers were right: You do need this skill to survive in the real world. And that’s especially true for business owners.


    Joe Girard on Selling Essentials

    "World's Greatest Salesman" Explains How Love and Honesty Lead to Selling Success

    By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

    "Never sell anything to anyone that you know you wouldn't sell your mother."

    Talking with Joe Girard quickly moves from a business conversation to what feels like chatting with your dad (or granddad, depending upon your age). He comfortably uses your name, offers sound tips, and exudes a sense of warmth nearly extinct in the corporate world.

    4 Ways Discounting Is Slowly Killing Home-Based Business Growth

    Price is Not the Reason Most People Buy

    Few strategies can drive sales faster than discounting. Conversely, "few strategies can destroy a business's long-term health faster than discounting," says Jason Marrs, pricing strategist and co-author of No B.S. Price Strategy with Dan S. Kennedy.

    Selling the Intangible as a Home-Based Entrepreneur

    How to Effectively Market a Service-Based Business

    In some respects, selling a product is easy. You have an item you can show and demonstrate to people when in person, and something you can take photos of for your marketing pieces. Even more important, your prospects can use multiple senses to make a buying decision. For example, they can hear the hum of the car’s engine…they can see the beautiful and vibrant color of the artwork…they can touch the clothing’s fabric…they can smell the designer perfume…they can taste the delicious baked goods. You have numerous ways to make the product “real” for your prospects



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