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    April is National Poetry Month

    A Poem About Business Called "Sales Calls"

    By Robert Barrows

    April is National Poetry Month and here is about a poem called “Sales Calls." The poem is about trying to reach the right people to make a sale. 

    Selling is a Contact Sport for Home-Based Business Owners

    Keys to Effective Phone Calling and Prospecting

    It’s been said that salespeople who avoid making phone calls have skinny children. Prospecting for new business is critically important, and for the majority of salespeople, it is by far the most challenging and stressful aspect of their profession.

    Selling to the New Elite

    Discover the Secret to Winning Over Your Wealthiest Prospects

    By Jim Taylor, Stephen Kraus, and Doug Harrison

    How can anyone who specializes in high-end sales continue to make a living? Authors Jim Taylor, Stephen Kraus, and Doug Harrison believe the answer lies in one quality: passion.

    Video: Sales - Leave the Right Voice Mail Message

    Interview with Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies and founder of

    Video: How to Overcome Cold Calling Fear

    Keith Rosen describes the process of overcoming the fear of cold calling (from )


    HP: 7/13/11

    Overcome Your Fear of Follow Up

    Discover the Three Keys to Increasing Sales

    The truth is clear: The majority of salespeople don’t take follow up seriously. After talking with a prospect, they leave one follow up voicemail or send one e-mail, and that’s it. A small minority will take it a step further and call or e-mail one additional time, but hearing that someo

    13 Insider Secrets About Business Cards - What you Need to Know to Make a Lasting Impression

    Lasting Impressions Sell! Bet Your Business Card On It
    By Karen Saunders

    It's the trade show of the year, and you're poised to meet, greet, and network up a storm because the precise buyers for your product or services are here.

    3 Helpful Talking Tips to Improve Sales in your Home Business

    Three Ways to Start a Conversation and Finish with a Sale
    By Michel Neray

    Ditch your elevator pitch. Zap your infomercial. And whatever you do, keep your carefully worded, painstakingly developed, positioning statement to yourself.

    The Low Hanging Fruit of Sales in your Small Home-Based Business

    Referrals Are Often Under-Utilized and Can Give Your Sales Effort a Critical Edge
    By Jim Cross

    Everyone talks about referrals, but few actually pursue them.

    How to Identify and Follow-Up On A Good Sales Lead

    Whenever possible, follow-up on your own leads. No one will know your leads as well as you do.
    By Christopher J. Bachler

    Every moment wasted on a dead end can be used to find a promising new contact.
    You've made the Connection, and now it's Time to Move into the Toughest Part of Selling


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