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    7 Must-Ask Questions in Any Negotiation

    A negotiation is nothing more than a discussion through which both parties seek to formulate and settle upon a mutually beneficial agreement. Our daily professional and personal lives are riddled with negotiations, those across a boardroom table, the kitchen table and everywhere in between.

    What sets a successful negotiator--one who comes out on top in deal-making more often than not--apart from those who struggle to gain advantages?

    Here are 7 "must ask" questions in any negotiation to best ensure a desirable outcome.



    The Practical Negotiator

    How to Argue Your Point, Plead Your Case, and Prevail in Any Situation

    People negotiate everyday even if they don’t realize it whether it be in business or in their personal lives. Whether it’s a new salary, the price of a real estate transaction, a plumber’s contract, or which in-laws get Thanksgiving this year, people are negotiating.

    The Massive Price of Negotiaphobia

    People’s Reluctance to Engage in Negotiations Can be Overcome with The EASY Process
    By Don Hutson

    Does the prospect of negotiating make you tense? Do you find yourself avoiding negotiations whenever you can? You may have “negotiaphobia.” Research and experience combine to show there is a good chance the “negotiaphobes” in America have left enough money on the table to pay off our National Debt! Why is it that today so many people are reluctant to engage in negotiations?  

    7 Steps to Becoming a Black Belt Negotiator in your Home Business

    Negotiating Is Like a Martial Arts Contest Where Power, Leverage and Timing Can Mean the Difference Between Winning and Losing
    By Michael Soon Lee

    How would you like an extra $5,000 to $10,000 or more a year? This money can be earned simply by becoming a better negotiator, yet most people in the United States rarely take advantage of the power of bargaining.

    10 Common Negotiating Mistakes Costing Your Home Business Thousands

    Avoid Common Mistakes that Keep You from Getting the Best Deals
    Michael Soon Lee, MBA


    Success in negotiating is a lot like becoming proficient in martial arts. You must learn to use of timing, power and leverage to your advantage. In bargaining contests, Americans tend not to do very well when compared to people in other countries around the world. There are some real black belts out there, and here are some common mistakes that often keep us from getting the best deals:


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