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    4 Sure-Fire Strategies for Cultivating Consumer Trust

    By Merilee Kern

    Brian Greenberg, a multi-faceted, serial entrepreneur who has spearheaded and oversees a variety of successful businesses,offers four proven tactics he’s learned on the sales and marketing front line, which are critical to building a loyal client base and ultimately boosting revenue in kind.

    How To Price An Ebook

    Amazon Vs. Kobo: Which Is Better For Price And Value?

    By Kim Staflund

    Last year, a major milestone was reached in the ebook industry: self-published authors began taking home the bulk of all author earnings generated on, eclipsing those represented by major traditional publishers.

    There has never been more opportunity in human history to publish a book.  What’s an appropriate price point for an ebook?

    Do Drop Shippers Charge Fees?

    In most cases, yes, drop shippers do charge fees for their drop shipping services. Below are the types of fees you can expect to find with most drop shippers. Although there is old information out there saying that real drop shippers don't charge fees, that is simply not accurate. We have found that more and more suppliers do charge a fee (or fees) for their drop ship services.

    Create the Soundtrack of Your Sales Career

    So how do top salespeople keep the proper mindset to continually outperform their peers?

    Let’s face it. Success in sales is 90% mental. Success in any type of sales environment depends on being motivated, inspired, educated, and pumped up to perform all aspects of the sales cycle—even the parts your readers don’t like.

    Consistently Outperform Your Sales Competitors & Increase Sales

    Add Sales T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S Model to Your Selling Skills Repertoire

    Susan has been doing well in her sales career for many years. She
    understands how to make cold calls, how to follow up on leads and referrals,
    and how to offer excellent customer service. Yet, she's amazed at how much
    more successful her colleague, Michael, is, when she puts much more time and
    sweat into her work than Michael seems to do. She wonders what is missing
    in her approach. The key difference between Michael's and Susan's approaches is the fact that Michael has trained himself to be an "active listener." He uses the sales T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. model!

    How to Prove Your Credibility

    Use Testimonials and Other Techniques to Improve Your Marketing Response.
    By Paul Groth

    Why do you need to prove your credibility? Potential customers want to know who they’re dealing with. They want to know if you are a legitimate business.

    Getting into Direct Sales

    Success Tips in a Little Known but Huge Home-Based Market

    By Deb Bixler
    All of us will likely have the opportunity at one time or another to take advantage of a direct selling opportunity. Many people start part-time, and later leave their other careers when direct selling becomes more lucrative. According to the Direct Selling Association (, direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.

    From Home to Store - 13 Tips on Getting Shops to Purchase your Products

    Tips to Sell Your Products to Retail Shops
    By Pam Pesetti

    Now that you’ve finished creating an exciting new line of hand-made products, you might ponder the thought of selling them to a local retailer.

    Tips on Helping to Sell your Products to Local Retailers

    Tips to Sell Your Products to Retail Shops
    By Pam Pesetti

    Now that you’ve finished creating an exciting new line of hand-made products, you might ponder the thought of selling them to a local retailer.

    10 Questioning Tips That Will Help You Become a Successful Sales Person

    Show Prospects What They Want Most
    by Bill Brooks    

    Studies show that most people approach a buying decision with some level of anxiety. The truth is, they really don’t want to have to make a decision. Believe it or not, your prospects are very often looking for an excuse not to satisfy a need or want. The decision-making process is just too stressful for them.


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