Robert Duvall - Words of Wisdom and Advice for Today

    As Long as There is Love, Everything is Okay. Age Doesn't Matter.

    Phil Thompson, The Interview Feed

    Robert Duvall is nothing less of an acting legend. He starred in films like The Apostle, Colors and gave an Academy Award-winning performance in Tender Mercies. His roles in Francis Ford Coppola's masterpieces, The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, count among the most iconic ever.

    "It was more a way to keep us above water, to not quit. We all had dreams. It’s amazing that so many dreams actually came true."
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    Q: At the ripe age of 81 you are returning to the screen with an action film. Why?

    Robert Duvall (RD): (laughs) That’s a good question. You know, I almost didn’t do this picture, Jack Reacher, because I was too fat. I enjoyed life a little too much on my farm, and that’s when Tom Cruise called me.

    Q: And when Tom Cruise calls, even Robert Duvall can’t say no?

    RD: Well, I was interested in this character. And I really like Tom. I think he’s just a terrific actor. So, I told my wife that I wanted to lose at least 20 pounds, and she was more than happy about that.

    Q: Did you keep the weight off?

    RD: Yes, I sure did. That's what I promised my wife. And I kept my promise so far.

    Q: Your wife is 41 years younger than you. Has that ever created problems for you?

    RD: No. Not really. We love each other. And as long as there is love, everything is okay. Age doesn't matter. It's how you feel inside. And I feel great. She is from Argentina. I love everything from there. Buenos Aires is my favorite city in the world. It was just a problem when I met her Dad. He wasn’t sure whether he should refer to me as Dad or Son (laughs).

    Q: Your wife taught you how to dance the tango, right?

    RD: Yes, I love to dance the tango. It’s the most erotic and sensual dance there is. I take my wife out dancing all the time. It's our favorite thing to do.

    Q: You once roomed with Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman. Did you guys ever think you would become such big stars?

    RD: You know, we talked about it. We talked about making it. But back in the days nobody really believed it. It was more a way to keep us above water, to not quit. We all had dreams. It’s amazing that so many dreams actually came true.

    Q: Who was your hero when you grew up?

    RD: Oh, man. I’ve always adored Marlon Brando. He was such an icon. He was the greatest. We all looked up to him.

    Q: Your character Cash in Jack Reacher is a crafty guy. And he loves his guns. What’s your take on guns?

    RD: Oh, I love guns. I know my guns somewhat. I believe in guns, but I don’t have any. I haven’t shot much since I was in the Army. I go and shoot once in a while. My wife though, she is a good shot.

    Q: I guess it’s legitimate to ask you about ever wanting to retire. Do you ever think about it?

    RD: Yeah, I do. But I think I’ve got a couple left in me. My good buddy Gene Hackman is retired. He likes it. But I am not there yet. I still enjoy it. But I don’t like to work at night anymore.

    Q: You live out on a farm in Virginia. Do people come out to visit you?

    RD: Yes, they sure do. We just had Mrs. Romney over for lunch. What a lovely lady. I really like her.

    Q: Is that an active farm where you live?

    RD: We have cattle, longhorn cattle, but they are not mine. It’s like the English countryside out here.

    Q: Has Hollywood changed over the years?

    RD: Sure, it’s changed. But at the end of the day it’s still Action and Cut. It’s still movie making. And there are a lot of wonderful actors out there. Good movies are still being made.

    Q: How do you want people to remember you?

    RD: Oh, I guess it’s nice when they know your name. I made some pictures that I am really proud of. My favorite part was my character in Lonesome Dove. I will always cherish that. I think westerns will always be my favorite genre. Maybe in another life, I will come back and be a real Texas Ranger!

    Q: You achieved pretty much everything an actor can reach. Why are you still doing this? It can’t be the money…

    RD: You don’t make as much money anymore as you used to. All the money is in television today. It’s just if something comes along that tickles my bones, I am interested in.

    Q: Have you met guys like Jack Reacher before in your life?

    RD: I have met guys like Jack Reacher before. I met a guy once, he was the head of the Texas Rangers. They are no-nonsense kind of guys. I like people when they are straight forward. Those are my kind of people. There is too much BS out there in the world today. 11/15/12 Car: 11/15/12

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