Office Depot's Small Business Index Findings

    Small Businesses Trying To "Go Greener"


    According to the Office Depot Small Business Index, 61 percent of small businesses are actively trying to go greener and 70 percent of small businesses anticipate becoming more environmentally conscious over the next two years.

    The index revealed that the most popular way small businesses are becoming more eco-friendly is by recycling more (cited by 82 percent of respondents). Other ways that small businesses are reducing their ecological footprint include: reducing waste (72 percent); buying energy-efficient products (61 percent); buying recycled products (60 percent); seeking non-toxic products (43 percent); and reducing water use (39 percent).

    Cost was mentioned most often when small businesses discussed the challenges of trying to go green; with 39 percent worried about the money it will cost to be more environmentally friendly. Small businesses are also concerned with: lack of options (21 percent); quality (13 percent); lack of clarity (13 percent), and lack of time (11 percent).

      As small businesses look at their offices, the products they most want to "green" are ink and toner cartridges (60 percent); paper products (55 percent); cleaning chemicals (53 percent); lighting (41 percent), and electronics (35 percent). HBM

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