October 2011 Letters to the Editor

    "Leaders Are Readers" and "A Well-Written Cover Letter" - These are just a few of the letters to the editor printed in the October 2011 issue of Home Business Magazine.

    Leaders Are Readers

        Not everyone actually wants to be a leader — at least not one who is in the public eye, onstage, or on TV. But you might at least aspire to be a person of influence — a thought leader — someone who wants to make a difference in the world. And in order to do that, you must be a reader.
        Now that doesn’t mean that ALL readers are leaders. It’s just that in this day and age, all leaders are readers. Reading a book a month may keep you in the game. Reading a book a day will put you out front. Reading is a catalyst for great thinking. So build your print and electronic library.
        And read regularly. Journal and talk about what you’re reading. In doing so, your knowledge, your clarity, your thinking and your success will surely grow.

    Michael Angier

    From the Editor: For more information on “leaders” in home-based businesses, read the article Millionaires Next Door: Successful Home-Based Entrepreneurs in Your Neighborhood Share Their Stories and Advice in the August 2011 issue of Home Business® Magazine.

    A Well-Written Cover Letter

        Cover letters are the most commonly used methods to introduce your credentials to an employer. They open doors, make strong impressions, and enhance your candidacy in the eyes of the employer.
        A cover letter is a sales presentation in disguise.  It shows a potential employer how you present yourself on paper, and can make or break your success during any phase of the job search process.
        Five rules of thumb are:
    1. Direct the reader's attention toward the strongest aspects of your background and qualifications.
    2. Customize and personalize your message to each specific company and recipient.
    3. Highlight and expand upon the most relevant facts on your resume.
    4. Provide new, customized information that is not included anywhere on your resume.
    5. Show that you know the company well and that you're familiar with the challenges and opportunities in their industry.
        By creating highly-personalized and detailed cover letters, you will distinguish yourself from the crowd of other applicants.

    HI, I'm Stacy, the Editor of Home Business Magazine.

    Ford R. Myers
    President of Career Potential, LLC.
    Career coach, speaker, and author of Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring

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