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    Interview with Actor Matthew McConaughey

    On Redefining Himself, Transforming His Career, Losing Weight for Dallas Buyers Club, Being a Father, And Having a Happy-Go-Lucky Spirit

    One of the handsomest actors in Hollywood, Matthew McConaughey reached a point in his career several years ago where he decided to shake up his image. Instead of continuing to play the charming romantic hero, he would seek out more serious roles in smaller, independent projects. 

    Interview with Paula Deen: A Recipe for Success

    On Working with Family, Finding New Revenue Streams, Launching the Paula Deen Network, and Never Giving Up 

    By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant 

    Southern cooking maven Paula Deen founded her food empire with $200 twenty five years ago. "It was totally illegal," she recalled in her recent interview with Home Business Magazine®. She felt that the commercial kitchen in a poolhall wasn't clean enough, so she started cooking in her home kitchen! Since then, she's built a home with its own commercial kitchen.

    Home Business Magazine also asked her about her tips for success. 

    Interview with Actress Kristen Bell

    On Playing a Disney Princess in the Film Frozen, Her Voice, Sibling Rivalry, Friendships, and Her Upcoming Veronica Mars Movie

    Kristen Bell provides the voice of a perky princess named Anna, who desperately wants to connect with her inexplicably icy older sister in Disney’s new animated adventure Frozen. The youngest of three, Bell could relate to the love-hate relationship that often exists between siblings.

    Interview with Actress Charlize Theron

    On Past Serious Roles, Going into the Unknown with Comedy, Playing a Version of Herself,  Being Grateful for her Life and Career
    By The Interview Feed
    Photo Credits: Reuters

    Gritty, meaty roles made Charlize Theron a standout star in Hollywood, but her latest film is a toilet humor-strewn comedy western, A Million Ways To Die In The West. And, she tells Keeley Bolger in this interview, it's one of her best.

    Interview with Actor Russell Crowe

    On Turning 50, Being Considered To Be Grumpy, His Kids, Religion, Pope Francis, Faith, The End Of The World And His New Movie Noah

    Actor Russell Crowe plays the lead role of “Noah” in the blockbuster film Noah. In this interview, he shares his business advice and insights about life and the movie Noah with Home Business Magazine readers.

    Interview with Sandra Bullock On Her Latest Movies, Being Part of Uncharted Territory, Using One’s Skills and Background, Being a Mom, and Enjoying Life More

    By Jan Janssen / The Interview Feed

    Fresh off the success of her female buddy comedy, The Heat, Sandra Bullock bit the big screen again with arguably one of the most serious and demanding films of her career. Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, co-stars Bullock opposite George Clooney as astronauts stranded in space after their shuttle is struck and virtually destroyed after being struck by debris. As the only two visible actors in the film, Gravity becomes the vehicle for an exploration of the imagination as Bullock’s and Clooney's characters drift in orbit communicating with each other via built-in helmet microphones. 

    Interview with NFL Player, Kamerion Wimbley

    Prepared with a Game Plan

    By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

    You may need to make some tough decisions about your business, whether because of the economy or changes in your life. The decision could include shuttering the business and opening another. It's important to develop an exit plan. Kamerion Wimbley, defensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans, has spent a decade planning for his future retirement from the gridiron. A serial entrepreneur, Wimbley founded several successful—and varied—businesses, including barbershops, restaurants, a real estate investment company, dog kennel, marketing firm, and car detailer. 

    Home Business Magazine® spoke with Wimbley about his best tips for new entrepreneurs and making smart business decisions in a tough economy.


    HBM Chats With George Clooney, A "Celebrity" With True Propriety

    On The Problem With Famous People, Why Life Does Not Get Better Than At His Villa At Lake Como, L.A. Buddies, and How To Deal With Constant Loss Of Privacy

    By Jan Janssen, The Interview Feed

    Photo Credits: Reuters

    The word charisma doesn’t even begin to describe the aura that surrounds George Clooney. He’s the epitome of the debonair playboy. The natural-born movie star. The no-strings celebrity multimillionaire with the devil-may-care-grin who divides his life between work and his idyllic Italian villa. Clooney is the ultimate movie star whose neon smile and magnetic personality rival that of Hollywood’s greatest screen legends. Clooney has reached a point in his life where his legacy is the only thing which matters. 


    Miley Cyrus as Role Model and Rebel Girl


    Her Business Tips, Her New Album, Her New Sound, Her New “Good Girl Gone Bad” Look, and Her New Life

    By Marcel Anders / The Interview Feed

    Photo Credits: Reuters


    “I want to inspire other girls to be that way. I think girls should be more outspoken.” – Singer and Actress, Miley Cyrus

    While on a promotional trip to Berlin/Germany, Miley Cyrus talked about her new album, her new sound, her new look, her new life — as a 20 year old that has outgrown Disney, bad pop music, and bad journalism. Wanting to be a role model and a rebel girl at once, the Nashville native explains why she intends to keep her private life private, why fashion and cutting edge producers are so important, and why flirting with the "good girl gone bad" image is not a calculated business move — at least in her case.


    Brad Pitt on How to Achieve Greater Success

    Working through New Challenges, Leading Talented Co-Workers, and His Love for Angelina.

    Brad Pitt has to save his screen family from flesh-eating zombies in his latest film, World War Z. Shereen Low finds out why, in real life, the actor would risk everything for his nearest and dearest. Family means everything to Brad Pitt.



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