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Raising Money

    Borrowing Money

    An Often Misunderstood Necessity for Growing and Expanding

    By Victor Green

    "Make sure you assess the risk of borrowing carefully and consider the full extent of financial problems if things go wrong."

    Borrowing money is often a necessity for a growing and expanding a new business, but it’s also one of the least understood parts of business management. So, what is the best way to go about it?

    Tips for Home-Based Entrepreneurs Looking for Angel or Venture Capital (VC) Funding

    The following 10 tips can help you secure the financial support and funding your business may need to succeed.

    Know your investor: Investors are typically intrigued by companies that fall within current trends, but that is not always the case. Different angel and venture capitalists are looking for different things, and most have a track record of the type of company, and even rate of return, they are looking for so—do your homework and know who you are pitching to.


    Raising Money Through the Small Business Administration SBA

    7 Tips for Landing an SBA Loan
    While SBA loans are available, it may take a bit more work to obtain one and banks are requiring more information than they have in the past. Rachel Zippwald, Vice President of California Bank & Trust, a major SBA lender, recommends following a few tips to facilitate getting your SBA loan approved.

    Funding Options for a New Home-Based Start-Up

    Raising Money for Your Start-Up

        Need to raise money for your start-up? The first options that typically come to mind are your personal assets: savings account, credit cards, 401(k) or Keogh retirement plan, life insurance, second mortgage line of credit, or items you own that can be sold for cash.   There are, however, lending options for small and home businesses that need money for starting up.  Whether you consider a private lender or a professional lender for raising money, carefully plan ahead

    Raising Funds from Investors

    As the Economy Tanks, Look for Investors to Raise Scarce Business Capital.

    There is no doubt that the time when you could go to the bank and fairly easily get an SBA or other type of small business loan is over. Between the overall credit crunch generally, and SBA cutbacks specifically (more than 50% fewer loans than just a few years ago), home-based entrepreneurs are stuck trying to figure out where to go to get the money they need to start and grow their businesses.

    How to Get Start-Up Business Financing - VIDEO


    Start-up business financing comes from raising money, loans and credit cards. Get financing with tips from a successful business owner in this free video on business tips.  Expert: Clayton Christopher

    Raising Money for Your Home Business

    Initial Funding Options to Consider
    By Jim R. Sapp

    Where will the money come from to start your business? There are many alternatives, and they all require careful planning. These are some of the first funding options you should consider.

    Raising Capital for Your Business

    Important Considerations in the Early Stages of Business Life

    When starting a business in this most challenging environment, it is important that you use your resources as efficiently as possible. This will allow you to get through the difficult early stages of business life. It is best to try to do as much as you can on your own to raise capital, but also be wise with respect to seeking direction when it counts most. 

    Financing in a Cash Crunch

    Accounts Receivable Financing is a Route You May Want to Consider

    By Carla Maria Dummerauf


    Your cash is tied up, yet you are facing an opportunity you just can’t pass up, a chance to expand into a new market or a capital investment you need in order to conduct your business efficiently and effectively. But these are wild and crazy times. You can hear the snap of the leather as business belts are tightening; banks and financial lenders being no different. Everyone is cracking down on their extensions of credit, and tightening up on their lending windows. You wonder what alternative options are available to you to move forwards with your plans. Where can you turn before your golden opportunity slips through your fingers?

    Raising Quick Financing in the Current Economy

    Small Businesses and Contractors Have Sources to Raise Financing to Launch a Part-Time Start-Up

    By Chris E. Talis, CPA, MBA and Senior Partner at Hedgerow Mergers Acquisitions
    An economy in turmoil, such as the one we are in today, creates tremendous challenges to raise capital: the life blood of any business operation. This has brought fear throughout the marketplace, which, in turn, creates further uncertainty. Government intervention has created some temporary relief, but will its programs spur a rebound and will its effects be felt in the near future? 



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