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Personal Finance

    5 Mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Finances

    Financial Professional Suggests Improving Your Money Mastery During Financial Literacy Month

    By Stephen F. Lovell, Financial Expert

    April is National Financial Literacy Month, a good time to take stock of where you are money wise and explore how you can improve.

    Financial professional Stephen F. Lovell says that by asking the right questions or taking the right precautions, you can sidestep these common financial mistakes.

    How to Achieve a More Meaningful Retirement

    Advisor Shares 4 Benefits of Charitable Giving
    By Gary Marriage, Jr., Financial Expert

    Marriage, CEO of Nature Coast Financial Advisors, which specializes in maximizing retirees’ finances, says charitable efforts can provide a powerful sense of purpose and meaning to life – whether they come in retirement or during the working years. 

    He reviews four reasons why retirees should explore charitable giving.

    7 Cardinal Rules to Retirement Planning

    By Home Business Magazine

    Carl Edwards, a highly credentialed consultant and owner of C.E. Wealth Group, reviews seven essential points that everyone should know regarding retirement planning.


    3 Tips for Successful Collaboration

    Why the Best Financial Advisors are Also Great Team Players

    Individuals and families with large estates have enough to worry about — they shouldn’t have to wonder whether the advisors they depend upon have their best interests at heart. Many don’t realize that wealthy people are targets for criminals and opportunistic people; that’s why an estate should have a good team of professionals who work well with each other.

    Does How You Feel about Money Affect Your Wealth?

    By Doug Vermeeren

    Although we live in the richest and most advanced society the world has ever known, many of us say we need more money in order to be happy.


    Retirement Planning Today

    The economy may be recovering, but some of the changes wrought by the Great Recession may be long-lasting. Anyone planning for retirement, no matter what their age, needs to take those changes into account.

    Fix Your Finances for 2013

    Here are 10 Ways to Do It

    NYC-based small business & tax expert David Selig ( offers 10 ways to fix your finances now so that you start 2013 on solid financial footing.

    6 Easy Steps for Retirement Funding

    You Must Take Retirement Savings into Your Own Hands

    By Carla Firey Shives

    As self-employed home business owners, you don't get the benefit of an employer-managed 401k.

    Investing for Retirement in Times of Turbulence

    How to Build Retirement Savings When Cash Flow is Squeezed
    By William J. Lynott

    These are scary times for anyone saving for retirement. The current roller-coaster ride of economic ups and downs is enough to cause stomach churning in all but the most steely-nerved passengers. 



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