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Money Management

    Are You Ready for the Great Depression of 2030?

    Leading Economists Predict a Grim Future…and Identify Who the Winners and Losers Will Be

    By Brian and Alan Beaulieu

    Economic turbulence is the new normal. And if the ups and downs have you wondering what the future holds, it’s a good news/bad news/good news story.

    The good news: Economists predict that during the next three years — 2015, 2016, 2017 — we’ll see solid economic growth.

    The bad news: That growth won’t last.



    Your Great Depression Action Plan for a Home-Based Business

    Six Things to Do Right Now to Prepare for the Collapse of 2030

    The thought that a second “Great Depression” is heading our way in 15 years or so is more than a little scary. But the remedy for fear is action. And since you know economic trouble is coming, you can start taking steps now to prepare for it. Follow the tips below from authors Brian and Alan Beaulieu and you can not only survive but thrive during the coming Great Depression:

    Your Relationship with Money

    Understanding Underlying Feelings Can Free Women for Financial and Personal Success

    Everyone has a relationship with money, but for women, it’s much more fraught with emotion.  When we avoid and ignore those emotions, we allow them to quietly guide our decision-making — which inevitably holds us back. Understanding our emotions, fears, and doubts about money and how they affect our behavior can help us heal them so we can experience financial and personal freedom.

    Small Business Success

    It Starts With the Finances

    The hardest part about starting your own business is knowing where to start. You can have the idea, drive, and people skills to go far, but your immediate and future success will depend on how well you manage your businesses’ finances.

    5 Money Management Tips You Should Know

    Here are five tips for people who want to feel more confident about managing their finances.

    10 Ways to Lose Money in Your Business

    Make More Money by Avoiding These Top Business Mistakes

    Chances are that you’ve read numerous books and articles on what to do to succeed in business. But often, knowing what not to do is even more important. In order for your company to make more money, be sure you’re not inadvertently making any of these top 10 business mistakes.

    10 Banking Mistakes That Can Cost Your Home-Based Business Big Time Learn How to Avoid Them

    By William J. Lynott

    Your bank may not be the scoundrel that some would have you believe, but don’t mistake it for your kindly old uncle either. Today's tough economy is causing banks to look for ways to take a bigger bite than ever out of your bottom line. Identity thieves are an even bigger threat to your financial well being. Discover 10 costly banking errors and how to keep them from chipping away at your net income.

    Plan Better than Your Competitors

    Being able to plan better than your competitors can give you a significant competitive edge in the market. Ford Motor Company is a great example.

    How to Stay Sane During Financial Peaks & Valleys

    Here are five tips for institutions, traders and anyone else dealing with lifestyle changes and major shifts in their finances:

    Time to Divorce Your Bank?

    Steps You Can Take To Help Beat Your Bank at Its Own Game


    You need to make sure that you’re not being hit with incorrect charges, especially in this age of new and often “hidden” charges.

    Is it time for you to divorce your bank? Has the relationship been strained by your bank’s ingenuity in creating hidden fees designed to bolster its bottom line at your expense? Were you troubled by the most recent attempt by some banks to impose new and oppressive debit-card fees?




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