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    Tips from the Better Business Bureau for Getting Lower Interest Rates

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers the following advice that consumers can take both short-term and longer range to help them obtain lower rates.



    5 Tips on Paying Yourself in a Home-Based Business

    Do Right by Your Business

    Don't forget to pay yourself along with your vendors. Follow these five tips on paying yourself.


    Boost Innovation (and Profits!) in your Start-Up

    Use the Engagement Factor with your Customers

    By Dan Adams

    The best technology. The best employees. The biggest budget. The strongest R&D department. Check, check, check, and check! If you think these are all the elements you need in order to build a consistently successful company, you’re wrong. There is one other factor you’ll need to check off that list — an innovation strategy that works.

    Start-Up Financing Starts with a Strategy

    The Real Funding Strategy That Works

    You have an idea for a product or service and want to start a company, or maybe you already have a company and you are thinking about launching a new product line. Either way, you need capital to make it happen, but how do you get the funding required?

    The Six Rules of Business Borrowing Part I

    Business Borrowers Should Consider BOTH Traditional and Alternative Lenders
    By Kenneth P. Easton, Jr.

    “Rules” to business borrowing! An interesting concept. True — the “rules” presented below may be considered as act-on “options”. But the consequences of not being aware of these options, achieving a successful business loan program, can be costly to your business, your fortune and your peace of mind.

    Raising Money Online For Your Home Business

    Find Information, Networking Groups, and Finance Sources on the Internet
    By Nora Caley

    If you are looking for a loan or investment to finance your business, start with an online search.

    8 Money Saving Tips to Help your Home Business During Hard Economic Times

    How to Shop a Wholesale Club
    By HBM and BJ’s Wholesale Club

    With food and energy prices rising 4.1 percent last year according to a recent study released by the United States Department of Labor, the values consumers experience at wholesale clubs are more critical than ever.

    Raising Money Online

    Funds to Start-Up or Expand a Business are a Mouse Click Away
    by Christopher J. Bachler   

    At some point, you might need some financing, and you’ll want the best terms you can get. Small home-based businesses, especially fresh start-ups, typically have little margin for error.



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