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    Raise the money and capital you need to launch a home-based business. Information on a wide range of subjects including cash flow, credit repair, receivables, cutting taxes, money management, controlling costs, and more.

    Keep Track of Your Finances With a Money-Management App

    By Reid Abedeend

    There are a multitude of technologies that can help you pay attention to your spending budgets. These include money-management apps on your mobile phone or banking websites that let you categorize your expenditures for easier totaling, among other things.

    Here are a few of our few favorite daily money-management hacks.

    Financial Professional Suggests Improving Your Money Mastery During Financial Literacy Month

    By Stephen F. Lovell, Financial Expert

    April is National Financial Literacy Month, a good time to take stock of where you are money wise and explore how you can improve.

    Financial professional Stephen F. Lovell says that by asking the right questions or taking the right precautions, you can sidestep these common financial mistakes.

    5 Things New Entrepreneurs Need to Know


    Entrepreneurship is tough enough, but lots of would-be business-starters are hit with a double-whammy when it comes to funding their dream businesses, because of one thing: bad credit.

    Bad credit sucks, but luckily, there’s hope!

    Advisor Shares 4 Benefits of Charitable Giving
    By Gary Marriage, Jr., Financial Expert

    Marriage, CEO of Nature Coast Financial Advisors, which specializes in maximizing retirees’ finances, says charitable efforts can provide a powerful sense of purpose and meaning to life – whether they come in retirement or during the working years. 

    He reviews four reasons why retirees should explore charitable giving.

    By Donna Skeels Cygan, Expert Financial Advisor

    If your teenager will be heading off to college, he or she will be facing a lot of potential financial pitfalls — and financial advisor Donna Skeels Cygan says you should make time to talk about the following seven things with your teenager before classes start.

    By Home Business Magazine

    Carl Edwards, a highly credentialed consultant and owner of C.E. Wealth Group, reviews seven essential points that everyone should know regarding retirement planning.


    Why Taxes Are Your Biggest Expense and How to Get Them Under Control

    By John Vento

    Taxes — federal and state income taxes, social security taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes — can make up more than 50 percent of your overall expenditures. If you want to change your taxes from your biggest expense to your biggest saving opportunity, take a look at a few tips.

    Financial Expert Explains Why You Should Hire A Good CPA & Not Part-time Help; Offers Tips

    It’s that time of year for part-time help at the local tax-preparation location, when drivers can see seasonal staff standing at busy intersections wearing costumes of the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam.

    Gary Marriage offers tips as to why you should hire a skilled CPA instead of trusting in pop-up tax firms this tax season.

    By Jennifer Hutchison, Expert Content Specialist

    Running a small or home-based business can be extremely rewarding, but it’s about more than just making sure that deadlines are met and that enough products are sold. Sometimes the little things, like staying organized and up-to-date for the tax season, can get overlooked.

    It’s the Monthly Bills that Really Add Up
    By Carla Firey Shives

    The one-time cost of your desk and computer may seem pricey, but it's those monthly bills that really add up. In fact, services like long distance, Internet, and a fax line can total $100 or more each month—and that doesn't include other regular expenses like toner and paper.




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