Cutting Costs

    Save Up To Improve Cash Flow in a Home Business

    Ten (or More) Ways to Save $20/Week This Time of Year

    With all of the fun to be had in these warm months, for many families, living within their means goes right out the window by now. But if you want to reach financial independence, you must find ways to keep boosting your savings—even when fantastic vacations are calling your name.

    Life Entrepreneurs

    Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives

    Today, increasing numbers of people are taking their lives into their own hands and becoming architects of their own destiny, a tribute to the power of life entrepreneurship.

    Slash Your Home Office Bills

    It’s the Monthly Bills that Really Add Up
    By Carla Firey Shives

    The one-time cost of your desk and computer may seem pricey, but it's those monthly bills that really add up. In fact, services like long distance, Internet, and a fax line can total $100 or more each month—and that doesn't include other regular expenses like toner and paper.



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