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Credit and Receivables

    How To Win With The Long Tail of Credit

    5 Things New Entrepreneurs Need to Know


    Entrepreneurship is tough enough, but lots of would-be business-starters are hit with a double-whammy when it comes to funding their dream businesses, because of one thing: bad credit.

    Bad credit sucks, but luckily, there’s hope!

    The A to Z of Credit and Credit Cards

    Here Is Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Credit And Credit Cards

    Over the last few years, Americans have been tightening their belts and paying down debt, but unfortunately most of the population is still struggling day-to-day because of the debt they are carrying.

    Accounting and Invoicing in Your Business

    Making the “Process” Less of a “Process”

    One of the first reasons many entrepreneurs list for starting their own businesses is to make money (big surprise!), but it is astonishing to see how frequently and easy it is to forget to invoice a client. We must remember that we are all human and can make mistakes, just like customers. Getting clients to pay invoices in a timely manner can be a gruesome task of its own.

    The 5 Cs Lenders Look for When Considering Applicants

    • Collateral: Lenders — usually banks — will want to know that the purchase in question is worth the loan. The purchase is the lender’s collateral, so it must have the potential to cover the loan if for some reason owners can’t. Read on to learn the other Cs lenders look for when considering applicants.

    10 Reasons to Integrate Your Payments Environment

    1. Improve cash flow.

    When you integrate all your points-of-payment directly to your bank for settlement — and to your accounting system for reconciliation — you maximize your cash flow. Sitting on checks and receipts minimizes your cash position, which impacts your business’ liquidity. Read on for more reasons to integrate your payments environment.

    Defending Debt and Why It Is Good

    By Ike Ikokwu, CPA, CFP

    Just as Americans have learned that are such things as good fats and good cholesterol, so too is there good debt for a prosperous financial future. The three most common ways people in this country get rich all involve using debt.

    Protect Your Right to Get Paid

    Practical Advice for Collecting Your Receivables

    It is no secret that full and prompt payment from customers is the lifeblood of any home business. Unfortunately, most home business owners quickly learn a hard truth: Some customers simply do not pay their bills. It is, therefore, absolutely essential for all home business owners to establish internal procedures directed toward ensuring timely payment, while simultaneously maintaining awareness of the most effective ways of dealing with delinquent customers.


    How to Avoid Bad Debts


    Here’s a quick checklist that will help you avoid bad debts in the first place.

    1)    Publish a written credit policy to all of your customers.

    Nine Ways to Collect Bad Debt



    Small Business Owners Can Improve Their Chances of Collecting on Invoices
    By Suzanne Kearns

    Business owners are struggling enough in this weak economy, but when you add stagnant accounts receivables to the mix, it can make for some pretty tough financial times. According to a recent Dunn & Bradstreet report, small business owners are having to wait longer to get paid 20 percent more of the time than they were last year. In addition, there have many more business failures, and experts chalk that up to the difficulty that small businesses are having collecting on their past due accounts. Luckily, there are ways that small business owners can improve their chances of collecting on those invoices.

    Collecting Your Dues:

    Clear Financial Policies Keep Customers Coming Back!
    By Rhonda R. Savage, DDS

    It’s true: People who owe you money do not like you! They feel guilty if they’re late with a payment and burdened that they’ve procrastinated. They know it’s not your fault, but they feel pressured and unhappy. Today, clients are more stressed than ever before about finances. Your customer can be extremely upset if he or she receives a financial surprise.



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