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    Raise the money and capital you need to launch a home-based business. Information on a wide range of subjects including cash flow, credit repair, receivables, cutting taxes, money management, controlling costs, and more.

    By Bernard B. Kamoroff, C.P.A.

    As far as the IRS is concerned, a home business is no different than any other business. But there is a difference: not only can freelancers deduct the business expenses that every business is entitled to, they can turn personal, non-deductible expenses into tax-deductible business expenses—if they are careful to follow the rules.

    Check out eight great tax tips excerpted from the book Write It Off! Deduct It! by Bernard B. Kamoroff. 

    Overlooked Deductions May Cost You Thousands 

    By Reid Abedeen, Expert Investment Advisor

    Millions of Americans face a challenge in meeting their budgets every month – not just financially, but also in their time budgets. “Knowledge is power and time is often money, but what if you don’t have the time to empower yourself with knowledge? For many households, that often means losing out on thousands of dollars through tax deductions."

    Abedeen offers the following strategies that may be relevant for your family this tax season.



    Leading Economists Predict a Grim Future…and Identify Who the Winners and Losers Will Be

    By Brian and Alan Beaulieu

    Economic turbulence is the new normal. And if the ups and downs have you wondering what the future holds, it’s a good news/bad news/good news story.

    The good news: Economists predict that during the next three years — 2015, 2016, 2017 — we’ll see solid economic growth.

    The bad news: That growth won’t last.



    Buy or Pay For Goods or Services Using Something Other Than Money

    By Frank O'Hara

    Bartering is not negotiating. Bartering is "trading" for a service, or for the goods you want. In essence, bartering is simply buying or paying for goods or services using something other than money (coins or government printed paper dollars).  

    Bartering affords both the individual and the established business a way to hold onto cash while continuing to get needed goods and services.

    Six Things to Do Right Now to Prepare for the Collapse of 2030

    The thought that a second “Great Depression” is heading our way in 15 years or so is more than a little scary. But the remedy for fear is action. And since you know economic trouble is coming, you can start taking steps now to prepare for it. Follow the tips below from authors Brian and Alan Beaulieu and you can not only survive but thrive during the coming Great Depression:

    What it will take for individual investors and business leaders to prosper as the economy heats up prior to the predicted downturn

    By Brian and Alan Beaulieu

    Authors and economists Brian and Alan Beaulieu insist that current government spending patterns, in light of our nation’s demographic trends, are unsustainable. Their new book, Prosperity in the Age of Decline: How to Lead Your Business and Preserve Wealth Through the Coming Business Cycles

    Understanding Underlying Feelings Can Free Women for Financial and Personal Success

    Everyone has a relationship with money, but for women, it’s much more fraught with emotion.  When we avoid and ignore those emotions, we allow them to quietly guide our decision-making — which inevitably holds us back. Understanding our emotions, fears, and doubts about money and how they affect our behavior can help us heal them so we can experience financial and personal freedom.

    Why the Best Financial Advisors are Also Great Team Players

    Individuals and families with large estates have enough to worry about — they shouldn’t have to wonder whether the advisors they depend upon have their best interests at heart. Many don’t realize that wealthy people are targets for criminals and opportunistic people; that’s why an estate should have a good team of professionals who work well with each other.

    By Meisa Bonelli

    The following are lucrative tax strategies that can help you realize tremendous tax advantages and profitable tax planning all year through.



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