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Is Search Engine Advertising Worth It For Small Businesses?


    By Joe Balestrino

    Some business owners feel that online advertising is no place for their brick and mortar business and the cost to do so would be more than they could afford. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

    The fact is that 40% of searches done today are done looking for local information and 30% are likely to buy locally.

        The fact is that 40% of searches done today are done looking for local information and 30% are likely to buy locally. A local listing on any of the major search engines local map listings is free and you don't need a website to be listed. If you do nothing else online for your business, you should at least create a free listing. If a customer lost your address or phone number, you will at least be found. Check out these sites:

    Why is a local map listing a great idea?

        Customers are able to plot directions to you. They can find what brands you carry, what your hours of operations are, what form of payments you take, a link to your website or pictures of what your store looks like from the inside. You can even post a video or offer coupons. Can the yellow pages offer that? I don't think so. The fact is... by 2012, the yellow pages will be on the edge of extinction. Will your business be as well?

    How do I know local search is for me?

        That is the easiest question of them all. Do a search and see if your competitors are there. If you are a graphic designer, search graphic designer and your city and state. What comes up? Do you see similar businesses? Well then you should be there too. Your competitor is finding new customers and making money. Why aren't you?

        Advertising online is something many local businesses should consider. You can track clicks, emails and even calls. You also have more control over what you show people online. Unlike the yellow pages you can change your information and offers easily. HBM

    Joe Balestrino is a search marketing expert. He has been helping business market themselves online for over 9 years. Joe also wrote an ebook that teaches Local search.... the ebook sells for $49. You can contact Joe regarding his services by visiting V18-3 Add: 6/12 HP: 10/31/12



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