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    How To Develop Core Messaging For Your New Home-Based Business


    Developing Your Core Messaging Now Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls Down The Road

    By Cassie Crudo


    It’s key to describe your product or service in a manner that is most compelling to your audience.

    Core messaging is the way you describe your company, your team, your products and services, your purpose, and your opinions. If you don’t know what to say, you risk driving away potential customers or alienating other stakeholders.


    Get More Customers via Public Speaking

    When you deliver your expertise to a larger audience, you can get more business

    All business owners want more customers. The question is, how do you attract them?

    Self-Publish Your Book

    Self-published books have transformed both the reading and writing landscape, with hundreds of thousands of authors now eschewing traditional publishing routes. Once reserved for distribution to a writer’s close family and friends, these books are now respected as an affordable option with every bit as much potential for becoming best-sellers as those produced by the New York houses.

    Do It Yourself Public Relations

    Here are five tips for do-it-yourself public relations for your business or profession:

    So, I am Launching a PR Campaign

    Do I Understand the Real ROI of PR?

    If I had a nickel every time a CEO or marketing executive asked me how many more sales they’d make by using public relations tactics, Bill Gates would be jealous of my island-sized yacht.

    The soul of PR isn’t promotion or sales, but rather, education and branding.

    As a 20-plus-year PR veteran, CEO of Florida-based EMSI Public Relations, and author of Celebritize Yourself (, I understand why clients ask that question, but believe it is based on a fallacy.


    Top 5 Ways To Publicize the Activities of a Non-Profit

    If you are passionate about publicizing a cause, you might post about it on your personal Facebook page or do face-to-face grassroots promotion on the streets. However, if you are truly avid about making a difference in the lives of others, founding and publicizing a non-profit is the best way to make those dreams come to life.

    Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach


    Exploring the New Breed of Celebrity


    By Marsha Friedman
    It used to be that the only way to be a celebrity was to be on TV, in the movies, or to do something completely lame. However, over the last decade, a new kind of celebrity has emerged — the expert celebrity.

    Speak to be Remembered and Repeated

    7 Tips to Stay in the Mind of Your Audience

    By Patricia Fripp

    "Speak to be remembered and repeated" is the advice given by speech-coaches
    to their clients. Isn't that the goal of every executive, professional
    speaker and sales professional -- to be remembered and repeated?

    Will People Remember What You Say?

    Six Tips for Communicating in a Way That Truly Resonates

    By Nancy Duarte

    Today we are overwhelmed with messages. Some are just 140 characters long. Others are much longer, but they are constantly bombarding us — trying to lure us to acquire and consume information (then repeat the process over and over). Technology — social media, specifically —allows for constant communication, but easy communication doesn't necessarily translate to messages that are received, understood, and capable of driving action.

    Nailing That Next Presentation

    Do You Have the Necessary Skills to be that “Good” Presenter?
    By John Fallon
    Our ability to communicate orally and visually is one of the most-needed attributes for success in the business sector. This is a new concept for many of us. With the need for communicating ideas and information now becoming everyone's job, we realize that public speaking and presenting aren't the same beast.



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