10 Tactics for More Traffic Getting Tweets


    By Terri Seymour

    Writing effective tweets on Twitter will help you expand your networking circle and in doing so, help you build a more successful business.

    1. Keep it Short and Simple - Although Twitter allows you 140 characters per post, studies have shown that smaller posts are more effective and have a greater chance of being retweeted.

    2. Use Hashtags Carefully - Using hashtags will help categorize your tweets to help them show up in searches. Simply use the pound sign in front of your targeted word or phrase like so: #ebooks.

    3. Maximum Punch for More Clicks - Use the most powerful words and attention-grabbing headlines that will pull readers in.

    4. Don’t Always Be Selling - If all you do is try to sell your products through your tweets, you will not get much response.

    5. Tweet When the Time is Right - Tweriod is a free Twitter tool that can give you a detailed report of the best time of days and what days you should tweet for maximum results.

    6. Where to Place Your Link - Research shows that your link will get the highest CTR (click-thru rate) when placed ¼ of the way into your tweet.

    7. Twitter Specials – People like to feel appreciated and offering them an exclusive deal can sometimes do the trick.

    8. Be Consistent –Update your account with tweets on a regular schedule and be consistent.

    9. Add Personality – Get to know your followers and post information they will be interested in. Add some appropriate fun and humor along with helpful resources and pertinent information.


    10. Use Proper Grammar and Spelling – Use correctly spelled complete words when tweeting for your business. Be sure to use proper grammar as well. HBM

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