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Direct Marketing

    Writing Letters that Get Attention and Results

    Online Clutter Makes it More Important than Ever That Your Direct Marketing Letters are Written Effectively

    By Christopher J. Bachler

    You may need to write sales letters, customer reminders, complaints, collection letters, and more. But all of that writing will accomplish nothing unless you grab and hold your reader’s attention! That’s because people are too busy to read anything that’s not important or very interesting.

    Why Postcard Marketing Works So Well In The Internet Age

    Postcards from the Internet Edge
    By Bob Leduc

    You may be surprised to know that postcards produce better results today than they did before the development of the Internet.

    11 Elements you Must Use on a Sales Brochure for your Home Business

    By John Jantsch

    Every small business should create the following pieces of information and format them in a way that allows them to be printed inexpensively and updated often.

    Keys to Direct Marketing Success

    DM Strategies to Attract More Customers and Generate Long-Term Growth
    By Alan Bayham

    When it comes to advertising their company, most small business owners rely on a handful of resources: a sign on the door front, a phone book ad; and



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