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    Making the Most of Your Advertising Budget

    By Kayley Freshman-Caffrey 

    Rising consumer spending has prompted companies to expand their marketing budgets to capture the greatest possible portion of an expanding customer base.

     Analyzing the markets for different types of advertising can help buyers decide how their media mixes should be composed.

    Low Cost Advertising Plan

    Get Your New Business "Out There" and Known at Minimal Advertising Cost

    By Christopher J. Bachler

    You can’t expect business to come to you. You must go after it. And the most effective way is through advertising. Of course that costs money. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent, because there are lots of simple strategies for getting your message out without breaking your bank.

    International Marketing Planning for Home Business Entrepreneurs

    When Times Get Tough, Look to Expand into International Markets
    By Renata L. Lerch
    Expanding your small business in international markets involves risks that should be meticulously calculated.

    10 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Home Business

    Increase Your Ability to Compete with Advertising Options that are Low-Cost or Free
    By Kris Aoki

    Free: one of the most popular words in advertising and a great way to bring in new customers. Imagine getting free advertising for your business. Traditional, four-color glossy, high-priced ads have their place for major brands, but most businesses cannot and should not spend their entire marketing budget on advertising.

    20 Start-Up Secrets for Your Home Business

    Follow These Tips to Grow Your Business Faster 

    When you start a home business, you have to get very good at a dozen or more disciplines, and you have to get good very quickly.

    Use Print Advertising that Partners with Online Marketing

    Partner Your Print Advertising with Online Media
    By Peter Koeppel

    These days, advertising your product or service requires much more than simply a print ad campaign or even a television blitz.



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