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    Small businesses and nonprofits face a different set of circumstances when it comes to social media marketing than their larger for-profit counterparts, namely, smaller budgets, fewer employees and a greater priority on traditional forms of marketing. When it comes to social media, it’s important to remember the 5 P’s:

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    Negotiation Process is a Lot Like a Chess game Where Strategy Reigns Supreme

    While even the word “negotiation” can evoke fear, stress, and anxiety for many, the intent is quite simple: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal. Whether it’s a multimillion dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations.

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    Generation text needs to think before typing.

    Internet Marketing

    Pay Careful Attention To How You Write Your E-Mail Messages

    When it comes to e-mail, everyone has their own set of do's and don'ts and their own pet peeves. Whether we use it at work or at home, most of us use e-mail to get things done. Although it's easy to go on automatic pilot when you open your inbox, you can significantly improve your productivity and success by paying careful attention to how you write your e-mail messages.

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    Social Media can Pave the Way To Creating The Next Great Product Or Service

    Businesses use social media to increase visibility and awareness, raise their profile, promote a product or service, and engage with their customers. At the same time, customers use social media to express themselves and their opinions about brands and their products and services, and relationships and issues they are currently experiencing in their day-to-day lives. If we pay attention and listen to those issues and opinions, social media can pave the way by inspiring us to find a solution — or the next great business idea.

    Internet Marketing

    As any local business owner knows, negative online reviews can have a huge impact on future business.



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