The Art of Professional Self-Assessment


    Typically job seekers start their search in the middle by drafting a resume, simply listing all their experiences in reverse chronological order. But a resume needs to be more than just a laundry list of your education, employers and job titles.

    A resume is a sales document; it is your marketing brochure. To ensure you design an effective one you have to know what you have to sell AND you have to understand whom your target audience is and what they are willing to buy.

    It is only after this that you can focus on the mechanics of the job search. Because each job choice you make throughout your career is likely to have an enormous impact on your life, getting started can be scary and overwhelming. Do it anyway. The rewards will be worthwhile.

    Kathleen Brady, CPC

    Career coach and corporate trainer

    Author of GET A JOB! 10 Steps to Career Success

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