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Women's Business

    Lead Like a Girl: 10 Ways to Put Your Feminine Strengths to Work

    By Nancy D. O'Reilly, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist and Woman Empowerment Expert

    As we move further into the 21st century, the face of leadership is becoming more and more feminine. What followers expect from leaders in the first decades of the 21st century are behaviors and characteristics traditionally associated with women. 

    Here, the coauthor of Leading Women shares 10 traditionally feminine 
strengths that make women ideally suited to take their place as leaders.

    Work Women Want: Work at Home or go Part-Time

    By Jennifer Forest

    Jennifer Forest's fifth book, Work Women Want: Work at Home or go Part-Time, published by Artisan House, gives voice to a new generation of women who are finally finding the right balance between careers and motherhood.

    Work Women Want answers the questions asked by so many working women today. 

    Blossoming onto the Beauty Market! 



    Mom Entrepreneur Plants the Seeds for Her Home-Based Company Which Continues To Grow as Her Family Grows
    By Home Business Magazine
    Bionee was started while Eva Asmar was pregnant, and she noticed a lack of healthy and quality personal care products for maternity and baby.  Her husband had been admitted to the Wharton Business School as an MBA candidate. Eva was very proud of him, so she quit her job as Global Product Manager for The Body Shop and settled on the UPenn campus. He inspired her to raise her ambitions and start her own home-based company, Bionee.

    Touching Nearly A Million Hearts

    Self Publisher Offers Readers Words of Hope and Encouragement
    By Home Business Magazine

    Anxious and feeling helpless over what she could do to help a young teen friend who was going through depression, Cheryl Karpen wanted to extend a promise to be there for Maddy, through life’s challenges and disappointments. What evolved was a small gift book that began with a promise to be there for Maddy, no matter the time or day. Cheryl called the book, Eat Your Peas for Young Adults, and filled its pages with nourishment and encouragement for Maddy’s hurting heart. Maddy loved the book and thought it might help other young people, especially teens.

    Filling a True Niche

    Judgment Recovery Business Provides Steady Income and Helps Others Collect

    By Home Business Magazine

    In her “Life Before Judgment Recovery,” Christina Smiley owned a carpet store. She accumulated monstrous debt, and her credit cards were maxed to the limit. Christina even took on a second job to make ends meet, which made childcare a nightmare. It was too much. She just didn't want to live that way any more.     Christina decided the only thing that made sense was to earn money from home. 

    Three’s the Number!

    Third Company of Entrepreneur/Activist was Designed to Meet the Demand for “Real” Home-Based Businesses
    By Home Business Magazine

    Phila Vocia spent over 35 years in the home-based business industry as a professional member, and she invented three home-based businesses. According to Phila, Pictomoney is the best one yet!

    NAWBO Survey States Women Business Owners are Holding Their Own in Economic Downturn

    Women Business Owners Staying Strong in this Rough Economy

    A new survey of National Association of Women Business Owners® (NAWBO®) members has found that, while women entrepreneurs are facing the same economic difficulties as other businesses across the country, more than half say they have no plans to reduce employment, and nearly 25 percent say they actually plan to add jobs this year.

    Women Achieving Home Business Success by Providing a New Way to Shop

    Colorado Business Woman Mentors Women Business Owners
    By Home Business Magazine

    When Erin Seabold moved to the Denver, Colorado area in January 2007, she came with a dream. And now she’s sharing that dream with thousands of women across Colorado in a big way.

    Use "Woman-Owned" Status to Your Advantage in Building a Business

    Making WOMEN-OWNED Work For You!
    By Janet W Christy

    As a home-based woman business owner, you should be plotting your strategy to take advantage of the increasing focus on the use of Woman Owned Businesses by government agencies, education institutions and commercial businesses.

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