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    Are Your Meetings a Waste of Time?

    In survey after survey, meetings get knocked by everyone from employees to senior executives as being among the biggest waste of work hours. In one poll, by Office Team, 45 percent of senior executives said their firms would be more productive if they banned all meetings at least one day a week!

    Have a Strategic Plan in Place

    Three Strategies to Help You Build a Thriving Company

    There are many benefits to running a home business. Having a strategic plan in place is essential to the overall success and effectiveness of your business.

    Interact Online with Your Customers

    As a small business owner, no matter who your customers are, they’re most likely plugged into the online world in some fashion, and you shouldn’t ignore that fact.

    Treat Customers with Respect

    Customer satisfaction is a leading reason why consumers choose to work or not to work with a business. Lack of respect or courtesy between your employee and customer interaction can be detrimental to or even kill a sale.

    Creating the Best Odds for Success

    When you run a business, there are always some certainties as you look into the future. You know your best competitors will work to become better. You know your customers will demand more. You know you'll have to work smarter and harder every day to improve your bottom line.

    For Budget-Minded Moves Try Freight Shipping

    For most of our household shipping needs, the Post Office, UPS or Fed-Ex delivers. But what do you do when you want to get a motorcycle across the country – without you on it? Antiques from your grandmother’s estate? Or your whole house packed up in boxes?

    Stop Wasting Time in Meetings!

    Technology is constantly speeding up the pace of business: Decisions once delayed for weeks are now made in seconds thanks to Internet communication.


    Positively Listen to Your Customers

    Daily someone sends something to us that promises to get our message out there and insure we are heard above the competition for our customers’ attention.

    Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!


    By Greg Crabtree

    From start-up to $1 million, business owners wear many hats. The biggest shift in a business after reaching the $1 million-in-revenue mark is defining the owner’s role and identifying and delegating the eight key functional areas to run the business — CEO, Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT, Finance, Customer Service, and HR.

    Ten Vital Lessons for Good Business

    A Fun Yet Practical Guide for Employees Who Are Fed Up

    Put your old business textbooks where they belong — on the shelf gathering dust — and pick up the entertaining, informative new book by Harvey Cabrera, Ten Vital Lessons For Good Business (published by AuthorHouse).


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