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    Home Business Owners Face Risks without Insurance

    “Most home-based businesspeople don’t know they need insurance like other businesses,” says Janet Scott-Buckley, an agent with Harrington Insurance Agency in North Andover, Mass.

    Re-Examining the Value of Life Insurance

    What if your office chair was empty tomorrow and forever? How valuable are you to your organization?

    Asset Protection Plan

    E-Commerce Businesses Stand to Lose More Without It

    E-commerce businesses need asset protection plans to cover their wealth of intangible assets.

    What differentiates commerce businesses from traditional businesses when it comes to asset protection? Potentially more assets in need of protecting.


    Can Your Home-Based Business Survive a Natural Disaster?

    Steps Small Business Owners Can Take to Protect Themselves

    Business Owners Liability Team (BOLT InsuranceAgency) released an infographic last year, illustrating the staggering impact of natural disasters on small business and the steps owners can take to protect themselves and their businesses.

    Health Care Insurance Options When You Leave Your Day Job

    Insurance Options to Consider When You’re On Your Own for Health Care

    By Steve Trattner, President & CMO of Cinergy Health

    People need to insure their health at all times for different reasons. Experiencing a reduction in income is the most important time to protect oneself from spikes in expenses. American bankruptcies are climbing as a result of both unemployment and medical debt. When a person is out of work, he or she operates on a tighter budget. Being faced with a major medical expense without insurance and no income to cover the care is only part of the problem.

    Insurance and Home-Based Business Owners in Troubled Times

    Home-Based Business Owners May Not Have Adequate Insurance CoverageInsurance and Home Based Business Owners

    With increased corporate layoffs, millions of Americans are operating full- or part-time businesses from their homes.

    Protecting Your Home Business Ass-ets

    Don’t Make the Fatal Assumption That Your Business is Covered by Your Homeowners Policy
    By Richard Maturi

    As a home-based business owner, you work hard to establish your market, attract customers, and generate a profit.

    Health Insurance and Coverage Options for the Self Employed

    Dying for Better Health Care Options
    By Christopher J. Bachler

    When I “hired myself” in 1983, I took out a health policy through the Chamber of Commerce. I was 28 and my plan cost $45 per month, plus $250 in annual Chamber dues.

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