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    Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

    Turn Unhappy Customers into Customers for Life

    By Ron Kaufman
    Handled sensitively, customer complaints can be catalysts for improving customer satisfaction and capturing new business. 

    By using a customer complaint to uplift your service, you not only transform that shopper's experience from a negative one to a positive one; you turn him or her into an evangelist for your organization. Read on for advice on how to handle customer complaints.


    Does America Care Anymore?

    Our actions seem to say “no.” In fact, not caring seems to be an epidemic. Nowhere is our caring deficit more apparent than in the workplace and marketplace. And it has major consequences.

    Building Effective Collaboration

    Collaboration is the buzzword of today. Right along with creativity and innovation, everybody’s talking and writing about it, but what does it really mean for business?

    Ten Secrets to Transition Success

    Check out the ten secrets to success in transitioning your business, counting down from 10 to 1.

    Recharge Your Business

    How a Blank Piece of Paper Can be Your Best Tool

    Statistically, new small businesses have the odds against them, with more than half failing within the first five years, according to the Small Business Administration. They’ve hamstrung themselves even more recently with their reluctance to hire new employees. Almost 80 percent of small businesses did little to no hiring last summer, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. No new employees, no new ideas, no new projects — too many entrepreneurs have become paralyzed by fear and uncertainty.

    Risks to Take with Your Customers

    Many business owners prefer to keep their customers at arm’s length.

    5 Customer Service Practice Tips

    When you've discovered amazing customers who are fond of your business, make sure to go the extra mile to keep their trust and loyalty.

    What Does Your Phone Really Say About You In A Business Meeting?

    So do people actually judge you in a business meeting based on the phone you carry? To answer this question, uSell (, an online marketplace for used gadgets, conducted a survey representative of 1,000 business respondents.

    Balancing the Leadership Seesaw

    By Lee Ellis

    More than 85% of the business population tilts toward being either results-oriented or relationships-oriented and weak at the other.

    Complying With Local Zoning Bylaws & Ordinances

    Five Pointers for Home-Based Businesses

    Before embarking on any home-based business, as a prudent business owner, you should first check whether there are any permitting requirements under the local zoning bylaws or ordinances in your community. Otherwise, failure to abide by zoning regulations and permit requirements could result in significant fines or an order to cease business operations, especially if the municipality discovers that you are operating a home-based business without proper approvals.


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