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    Risks to Take with Your Customers

    Many business owners prefer to keep their customers at arm’s length.

    5 Customer Service Practice Tips

    When you've discovered amazing customers who are fond of your business, make sure to go the extra mile to keep their trust and loyalty.

    What Does Your Phone Really Say About You In A Business Meeting?

    So do people actually judge you in a business meeting based on the phone you carry? To answer this question, uSell (, an online marketplace for used gadgets, conducted a survey representative of 1,000 business respondents.

    Balancing the Leadership Seesaw

    By Lee Ellis

    More than 85% of the business population tilts toward being either results-oriented or relationships-oriented and weak at the other.

    Complying With Local Zoning Bylaws & Ordinances

    Five Pointers for Home-Based Businesses

    Before embarking on any home-based business, as a prudent business owner, you should first check whether there are any permitting requirements under the local zoning bylaws or ordinances in your community. Otherwise, failure to abide by zoning regulations and permit requirements could result in significant fines or an order to cease business operations, especially if the municipality discovers that you are operating a home-based business without proper approvals.

    Ironies of Home-Based Business Owners Who Survive Recessions

    They Can Be their Own Worst Enemies

    Those who own businesses hold their peers in high regard. Some business owners may be disliked personally, but they get a thumbs-up when it comes to running companies. Those who survived the recession deserve special commendations...

    Ten Tips for Type A’s



    Make this the Year You Take Back Your Life

    By Kay Cannon
        If you’re Type A, you are driven to get things done. Before long, however, you become over-committed, impatient, worn out, wound up, and wondering where your life went. Executive Coach Kay Cannon’s tips can help you set healthy personal boundaries to take back your life:

    “I Love You More Than My Dog”

    Five Decisions That Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty

    in Good Times and Bad
    By Jeanne Bliss

                Consumers now more than ever are carefully considering how they spend every dollar. At the same time, social media that gives buyers a public forum for their thoughts and experiences is enjoying a meteoric rise.  Together, they’ve created a completely new business culture, one where businesses need not just loyal buyers, but passionate fans.

    5 Myths Every Business Must Avoid

    If You Want to Survive the Recovery, Avoid These Failed Strategies
    By: Vivian Hairston Blade

    At a recent stockholders meeting, the Vice President of Sales for a global manufacturer, reported:   “The economy has been tough on our industry.  Sales volumes significantly declined and have not nearly returned to pre-recession levels.  The company has laid off employees, cut expenses, and, unfortunately, has had to cut price to remain competitive.  Competitors have cut price as much as 40% on some products.  We’re ‘under-water’ on critical components our customers need.  But, we have no choice.” 
    Sound familiar?  Could this be your company? 

    Preparing a Home-Based Business for an Emergency

    Are You Ready for When Disaster Strikes?
     By Christopher Bachler

    Check the news, and you’ll see disaster in one form or another. No matter how seemingly remote, those fires, floods, hurricanes, civil disturbances, earthquakes, or even acts of terrorism could affect any one of us.

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