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Getting Organized

    Why Small Teams Win

    The “Two-Pizza” Rule

         Your organization is forming a new task force, cross-functional team, focus group — whatever you want to call it. And as usual, it’s time for the never-ending quest to “loop people in.”

    Keep Up with Paper Five Minutes a Day

    Make sure that you keep up with the paper that comes into your home office.


    Stay on the Organizing Track

    The real secret to organizing your office in just a day when following these steps is:

    Organization Solutions for Your Home Business

    Tips for Home Businesses to be More Productive and Efficient
    By the National Association Of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
    Recent survey results indicate that 96 percent of 400 adults polled said they would save time every day by becoming more organized. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a non-profit organization for professional organizers, in conjunction with its annual “Get Organized Month,"  is pleased to provide special organization tips that can help home businesses as well as small businesses.

    Information Overload in Your Home Office?

    Tame it and Make More Profit
    By Glory Borgeson

    Tom owns his own small business. His type of company allows him ample “desk time” in his office. Tom is interested in news that affects his business directly, government policies that affect small businesses in general, and he enjoys reading anything related to hot topics. Like most businesspeople, Tom gets his information via e-mail from various sources — particular Internet sites and certain TV news programs.When he took a look at how much time it was costing him each day to sift through (and digest) all of the information that interests him, it came out to about an hour and a half a day. That’s seven and a half hours a week!

    Video: Tips for Organizing Your Home Office


    Planning an Event to Promote Your Business

    These 8 Ideas for Alternative Event Venues Will Save You Money and Wow Your Attendees
    By Alice Barry

    Are you a small business owner who wants to host an event but struggles to find an affordable venue? Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions you'll make when organizing an event. But as a small business with an even smaller budget, finding a space that's affordable and marketable can feel next to impossible.


    Break Free from Paper Clutter

    Until You Can Make Your Office Paperless, Takes Steps to Organize the Paper Mess

    By Christi Youd

        Look at just about anyone’s workspace these days and you’re bound to see the same thing: piles and piles of paper…on the desk, on top of the filing cabinet and even on the floor. Paper has seemingly overrun many offices, causing stress, confusion, and a lapse in productivity. How can something as simple as paper cause so much turmoil? 

    How One Woman Turned Her Organizational Skills Into a Home-Based Business

    A “List of Lists” Inspires a Subscription Web Site

    Jennifer Tankersley knows the value of a good list. A Navy wife and mother of three, Tankersley has moved nine times over the course of her 13-year marriage, using check-off lists to stay organized throughout.

    Keep Your Home-Based Businesses on Track to Where it Needs to Go in 2009

    The Dos and Don’ts of Strategic Planning

    By Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D.
    Strategic Planning has made a comeback worldwide. Companies, governmental agencies, and nonprofits are all adopting it. It’s important for home-based businesses too.


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