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    Ten Conversations That Are Undermining Your Strategy and Killing Performance

    By Dan Prosser, Expert Entrepreneur Coach

    The conversations that take place between your team members are incredibly important. Author Daniel F. Prosser spotlights 10 performance-killing conversations your employees may be having within your company without your knowledge.


    Rethink Employee Retention

    7 Guidelines for Engaging and Accommodating Your Older Staff

    By: Ruth Crocker

    Baby boomers make up about one-third of the U.S. workforce and for the first time in several generations, there are not enough younger workers to replace them. Key industries,  will be forced by labor shortages to rethink employee retention and how best to ensure health and safety by adjusting equipment and the work environment.

    The following are guidelines for employers who want to maximize the working environment for their most valuable asset: the reliable, responsible, loyal, conscientious, co-operative, collaborative, wise older worker.

    10 Difficult Coworkers and How to Cope With Them

    It’s Not Difficult Once You’ve Spotted the Behaviors

    Getting along with coworkers mostly means minding your own business; however, there are some coworkers who need a little “handling.” It’s not difficult once you’ve spotted the behaviors.

    Making Employees Smarter

    From classic board games like Trivial Pursuit to iconic TV game shows such as Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Americans love the mental challenge and exhilaration of participating in trivia contests. Trivia game shows are irresistible opportunities to test our intellectual prowess and demonstrate knowledge. However, while most people consider trivia a hobby or a playful way to pass idle time, trivia can be far more than just fun and games.

    Handling Turnover Transition

    Turnover is difficult to deal with in any department or company. When someone departs, they usually do not leave a step-by-step list of duties behind for their replacement.

    Are You Making Employees Feel Unloved?


    Of course your employees matter. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t hire them, trust them to do important work, or keep paying them week after week.

    Combat Zones in the Office

    Your office has its own "combat zones," and most arise when people play the "blame game."

    Your office has its own "combat zones."

    Skills and Experiences Are Irrelevant When Hiring

    Have you ever hired a person that had all the right skills and experiences, but then they fell flat on their face?

    Resolve To Recruit Better In 2013

    By John Featherstone

    Hiring the right person the first time can save you tens of thousands of dollars in time and resources. People are a company’s most valuable asset, so the company will only be as successful as the quality of the people it hires, trains and leads.

    Employers Increased Benefits

    Improving Employee Health and Wellness

    More employers offered benefits that encouraged employees to improve their health in 2012, according to a survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at its 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition in Atlanta. Over the last five years, benefits that reward employees for improving their health have jumped — a sign that organizations recognize employees, value these benefits, and are looking for ways to cut business costs.



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