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    Men and women should always be treated equally in the workplace. This doesn’t always happen in industries, especially in the business environment.

    Here are some useful tips you might want to consider when striving for employee engagement.


    By Dov Baron

    We have all had the unenviable experience of dealing with leaders who lack integrity and, at the very least, it can be frustrating and more likely demoralizing. There again, great leaders have the ability to inspire us, and nothing is more inspiring than a leader who walks their talk.


    By: Dr. Robert Cialdini, Ph.D

    To be an effective leader you must be able to influence others. What makes people say “yes” to your requests?

    Following are the six proven universal principles of persuasion, that when used ethically, can influence others to change their behavior. 


    How to Prepare a Home-Based Business for a Disaster

    With more than half (51.6%) of small businesses in the United States now home-based according to the U.S. Census, these businesses represent a large business sector that could be vulnerable to emergencies and disasters if they lack advance plans.

    With that in mind, this article provides practical ideas for home-based businesses to become better prepared.


    There’s a difference between true employee engagement and employee entertainment. A well-designed employee engagement program will target what is really necessary to motivate your employees and retain those who have high potential.

    The following areas are essential to ensuring the development of this relationship.



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