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Work-Life Balance

    Time is More Than Money

    Three Reasons to Positively Take Time Away

    By Bobra Robinson

    Here are some reactions I receive when I coach entrepreneur owners to positively take time away from work and my responses.


    Why Smart Employers Care About Work/Life Balance

    The line between “work” and “personal life” has become really (really!) blurred for most American workers. Thanks to evolving technology and an unforgiving economy, we’re under constant pressure to perform.

    Shift Change

    Balancing Work and Home for Whole-Life Success
    By Ellen Schack

    Create and commit to boundaries that keep work and home life separate.

    Today’s driven success-minded professional strives to "have it all" — and do it all — with respect to his personal and professional life. However, all too often, this shotgun effort leads to disappointing results on many, if not all, fronts. The complexity lies in creating abundance in your professional life while still being able to relax and enjoy your personal life to its fullest.


    When Business Slows, Get an Outside Company to Hire You to Work from Home

    Part-Time Job-Shopping While Building Your Home Business
    By Christopher Bachler

    A new home-based business might not get off the ground so quickly. While you’re building and waiting, you might need to find some alternate ways to cover your costs.

    Entrepreneur Starts Interior Redesign Business

    Entrepreneur's Redesigning Skills Pave a Career Path Helping Others Fall in Love with Their Homes Again

    Creative from the start, rearranging furniture has always been a passion for Lynn Paterson.


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