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Health and Fitness

    Helping Infants and Promoting Family Wellness

    Mompreneur Revolutionizes Healthy Baby Swaddling with The Ollie Swaddle

    By Shannah Carol

    As a single foster mom, Hindi Zeidman was having a tough time parenting Oliver, an infant on the verge of being labeled “failure to thrive.” After seeing him struggle with basics such as sleeping and staying calm, Hindi set out to find a solution.

    After much searching, Hindi took matters into her own hands and created The Ollie Swaddle.

    Can a Fitness & Wellness Regimen Empower Women?

    Celebrity Trainer Explains 3 Reasons Why It Can

    From an early age, women have foisted on them images of the “ideal” female body, and self-esteem can plummet when they fail to measure up. But celebrity trainer Holly Perkins says it’s time women stop buying into those societal pressures.

    Perkins offers three reasons why the right fitness and wellness regimen can empower women and emancipate them from society’s image pressures.


    Back from the Brink: True Stories and Practical Help for Overcoming Depression and Bipolar Disorder

    By Graeme Cowan

    In a hypercompetitive global economy, organizations must be “on” 24/7, which is taking a harsh toll on employees who are becoming disengaged, stressed, and depressed. “The mental and emotional state of today’s workforce is abysmal,” says Graeme Cowan, a survivor of depression and author of Back from the Brink: True Stories and Practical Help for Overcoming Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

    Can Mindfulness Raise Your Net Worth?

    Sitting down with the intention of stilling one’s mind and body is no longer the sole province of hippies and Eastern medicine aficionados. Nike, 50 Cent and the Marine Corps all embrace the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

    Keep Up at Work as You Age


    As we age, we feel tired more often at work. Even older workaholics in love with their jobs may remember a time when they could work 18 hours every day and not feel the effects.

    Helping Patients Stay on their Diets

    Father and Son Business Creates a Hunger-Controlling Cookie

    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    Thirty years ago, Dr. Sanford Siegal, a young Miami physician, realized that Hunger Wrecks Diets™. He knew that if he could control his patients' hunger he could help them stick to their diets and lose weight. Drawing on his chemistry background and passion for cooking, he discovered that combining certain food substances in a particular way produces a mixture of proteins that offers unusual hunger control per calorie.

    Touching the Lives of Mothers Nationwide

    Mom Develops Postnatal Exercise Program into a Home Business
    By Home Business Magazine

    The birth of Lisa Druxman’s first child brought many gifts.

    Work From Home - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

    Maintaining a Healthy Work-Style When Working From Home
    By: American Home Business Association

    People's attitudes about health have undergone many changes over the course of history. Before science proved differently, illness was often thought of as an invasion of the body by evil demons. Recently there has become a great revival of interest in one's health -- healthy eating, exercise, and stress reduction.


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