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    Achieve a healthy home-based lifestyle. Keep a balance between your home office and personal space. Stay fit. Better your education and improve your skills. Success stories from other entrepreneurs.


    As we age, we feel tired more often at work. Even older workaholics in love with their jobs may remember a time when they could work 18 hours every day and not feel the effects.

    Trading the products or services of the family business for something in return is more common than most people like to admit.

    Man’s Love of Cemeteries Evolved into a Rewarding Grave Care Business

    Faced with her husband’s overgrown gravesite, an elderly lady asked a lawn care company to mow the grass on her husband’s grave plot. The lucky lawn care company, owned by Keith Harper, pocketed a handful of money for only a few minutes work and came away with a great business idea.

    Entrepreneur Builds iPhone Repair Empire from His Dining Room

    Daniel Vitiello got his first taste of the entrepreneurial life when he was sixteen years old, starting and operating a lawn and landscaping company. After selling his landscape business when he went to college, Vitiello found himself without a job when he returned home the following summer. “I have never been one to work a “real” job,” he says.

    Bobby Barzi (pictured with his two children) is the founder of Fodada .

    Man Creates a Clothing Line for Dads and Brings Awareness to Family Issues

    Fodada, a California cause-based apparel brand, began with one father’s dream of leaving a legacy for his sons. Bobby Barzi created Fodada to celebrate the importance of fatherhood while bringing awareness to issues that directly affect families.


    Carrie Bell founded Madcapz — baseball caps designed just for women.

    Woman’s Creation Puts a Stylish Twist on the Classic Baseball Cap

    Carrie Bell founded Madcapz seven years ago when she became sick with Graves’s Disease — and began losing her hair. She wanted a cap to cover her head when she went for walks but was tired of wearing her husband’s sports/corporate logo’d baseball caps. Carrie craved a fun colorful cap to wear that was stylish, comfortable, didn’t scream “sick,” and made her look good.




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