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Family Business

    Trading in a Family-Owned Home-Based Business

    Trading the products or services of the family business for something in return is more common than most people like to admit.

    10 Family Business Lessons

    Owners Need to Know When Operating Home-Based
    By Tara Reynolds, Corporate Vice President, MassMutual

    It’s old news that small businesses are facing plenty of challenges, but imagine owning a small business and you need to discuss a problem employee… and it’s your little brother. More than 70 percent of all U.S. businesses are family-owned, and their proprietors will often say that success means being one part entrepreneur and one part family psychologist.

    Making the Most of a Difficult Situation

    Woman Overcomes Physical Challenges and Develops a Successful Online Business

    By Nathania Stambouli

    Until six years ago, Dawn Sander was a floor representative in the DVD department of her local WalMart. In 2004, her life was turned upside down when she suffered a brain aneurysm that left her missing one eye and functioning at the cognitive capacity of a toddler.

    Getting Back to Business After Post Partum

    Balancing Your New Life With What You Valued About Your Old One is a Challenge

    You were once very successful in your business. You worked hard and long to get to where you are. You are goal-oriented and know that you have so much to offer. Yet, your life has changed. It feels like some force pulled the carpet under your feet, and you don’t know how to stand or where to walk without losing it. Picture this carpet as everything you’ve ever known or admired: freedom, motivation, success, being social or results-oriented, and even your very own spirit. Every single thing you’ve stood for feels as though it has been taken away from you.

    The ParentPreneur Edge

    What Parenting Teaches About Building a Business

    “It’s a girl!”—three words that changed my life forever. Six months later, another three words had a different yet similarly life-altering affect as well: Applied Creative Technologies, the company I founded when my first child was 6 months old. Outside of multiple births, adoption, or marriage to someone with kids, I know of no other way to have “children” so close in age.

    Woman Starts a Successful Home Business For the Second Time

    Woman Quits the Corporate Scene Twice to Enjoy Success with Kwik Kerb
    By Home Business Magazine

    Adele Horton has a unique story to tell. She and her husband Rob started a Kwik Kerb business from scratch and successfully operated it for four years before deciding to sell out in 2006 and take lucrative job offers.

    Home-Based Business Inspired by a Choking Incident at Home

    Husband’s and Wife’s Business is a Labor of Love
    By Home Business Magazine

    Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. This hit home for Tara and Luke Hermann when their young son began choking one day at lunch.

    Prospering in a Home Business that Helps Parents Put Minds At Ease

    Graphic Artist Dad’s Products Help Parents Monitor Kids’ TV Viewing

    Ideas come from everywhere, and JP Williams was inspired to create TV Time while at home with his daughter.

    Husband-And-Wife Entrepreneurs with a Home Business Have Two Things to Share

    Building a Thriving Business and Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

    In today's society, many husbands and wives are also married to their careers, which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

    How to Make a Family-Owned Business Work

    Family Business Dynamics
    By Laura Michaud, MBA

    Family-owned companies are an integral part of today's business world. Currently, 90% of all businesses in the

    United States are family-owned, with 50% of them employing more than one family member. With so many people living and working together day in and day out, the strain on the familial relationships is almost inevitable.



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