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    Individuals and Small Businesses Need Cash in a Recession

    Businessman Makes a Career of Teaching People How to Profit by Helping These Individuals

    By Home Business Magazine

    In 1992, Leland von Syring was a successful restaurateur who was looking for a career change.

    Don't Retire—REWIRE! Prosper in a Home Business While "Retired"

    Use Your Life Experiences to Succeed
    By Jeri Sedlar & Rick Miners

    You don’t have to wait until you retire to rewire. Rewiring simply means transferring the energy you give from one activity to another.

    Home Business Entrepreneur Creates Positive Impact on the World through Improving the Educational System

    Past IdeaBlob Winner Tackles a New “Virtual” Challenge

    Tom Krieglstein considers himself a lifelong explorer who lives to create. As a result of this creativity, Krieglstein is a past winner at, a vibrant and active community where small business owners and entrepreneurs share business ideas in exchange for feedback, advice, and votes from the community.

    Overcome Stage Fright so You Can Start Your Own Home Business

    Speak For Yourself!
    By Rob Sloan

    When independent business owners are asked about their biggest challenge, bringing in new business tops the list. Yet, many business owners don’t actively seek out opportunities to generate leads by speaking at meetings and conferences.


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