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    Her Movie Escape From Planet Earth, Her Favorite Animated Movies, Babies, Her Busy TV and Movie Career, and Motherhood Issues


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    "It’s great that at this age I’m still considered a beauty icon"

    Glamorous as always, and today is no exception, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, 40, is wearing a skin-tight black Helmut Lang ensemble, to promote the upcoming animated movie, Escape from Planet Earth, for which she is one of the main voices. Engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, the Latina bombshell is in a happy place in her life, and this morning, she’s her usual vivacious self.

    Her English isn’t perfect, but she has a sense of humor about it, and it adds to her charm.

    She is currently starring in the TV hit, Modern Family and will next star in the movies: Smurfs 2, and Machete Kills.

    Question (Q): Is there an animated movie that you were particularly obsessed with when you were a kid? One that you would love to watch over and over again?

    Sofia Vergara (SV): I think there were many, like Cinderella and those type of Disney movies we used to get, so yeah. And then for example The Smurfs on TV, like we had a daily episode, and I would watch those.

    Q: How do you get into character in the different voices that you do for animation?

    SV: Well for example, I have never done a big role, so it’s nothing too crazy or difficult, and it’s usually been like the pretty, bubbly girls, so it’s not that hard having to do that. I haven’t been killed or anything like that in the movie. (laughs) So for example, this one actually, they told me like three days before if I wanted to do the role, and I said ‘Yeah, of course, I will do it.’ It was two hours, I didn’t really see any of the actors, it was me in a booth and that was it.

    Q: So did you take out a picture of Brendan Frasier to get in the mood?

    SV: (laughs) No, not really. (laughs) I didn’t even know actually who was really in the movie. I saw the little bull things and how they looked, and because they had the movie almost ready, so I did it recently, I did it like a month and a half ago, and it was fun and fast.

    Q: Most on camera roles, you got the hair, the wardrobe, the makeup, the jewellery.

    How did you go to work to do this?

    SV: The same. (laughs) I am always like this. (laughs) No actually I was coming from Modern Family, because it was a shooting day, and I came directly after work to the studio because I knew it was only going to be two hours.

    Q: How is it with the baby on Modern Family?

    SV: It’s a lot more fun with the baby. And they are well behaved, the two little babies that we were shooting with. We have been having a lot of fun on the set.

    Q: Did they ask you for any personal stories to use?

    No, not anymore. We are now in the 4th season and the beginning and I did meet with them a lot, but now they know me so well, and it’s different now, the writers are really good.


    Q: Speaking of babies, in the movie, Jessica Alba’s character is a working mom and it’s really emphasized in the storyline. You were a working mom for a long time, how do you think you would be able to handle that if it happened at this stage in your career?

    SV: Well I am a working mom, my son is still my son! (laughs) You know, I always say it’s about learning how to delegate. You have to learn to trust people and to have people to help you if you want to do both things right, because then you will end up not doing a good job, or being a good mother. So it’s good to be organized, but I think everyone can do it.

    Q: How will being a mom on the show change your character?

    SV: I don’t think she has changed, I think she’s a little bit ever more sensitive and about Manny, now she’s a little bit older, more worried about Manny’s feelings, like I think for her age, she makes it more of an issue than actually he makes it.

    Q: What is your most important role as a mom right now, because it changes over time.

    SV: Yeah, it changes. Well, my son is 21 and now my worries are, ‘Don’t get in a car with anyone that is driving drunk. Don’t be stupid.’ Like, when he is in New York on his own, I say, ‘Don’t walk inside a back alley. Use your head. Don’t go alone on the train at 3 in the morning.’ Stupid things like that and as a mom, you never stop worrying. But I realized for example, like when he is at home with me now, when he comes from college to visit, I don’t sleep that night, because I know he is out. Like when it’s one o’clock, I’m like, ‘Why are you not back? You didn’t drink right? If yes, I will go pick you up,’ and I can’t sleep. But when he is gone, who knows what he is doing, he must be like running crazy naked or who knows what? But I can sleep.

    Q: Is there anything green in your life as far as environmental causes?

    SV: I mean not everything. I think it’s impossible to do everything. (laughs) But I try, I recycle, I try not to get things that I know that are not good for the world. For example, I hate leaving lights on, or wasting water, and I am very into that. But, I think it’s very hard to do everything green, like those houses that have the furniture…… I can’t. (laughs) I wish, but I can’t (laughs).

    Q: Anything you can tell us about Fading Gigolo, the movie with Sharon Stone and Woody Allen?

    SV: I can’t wait to see it. (laughs) I was very excited to work with her, and with him, and with John Turturro, the director and the actor. I want to see that.

    Q: What kind of Sofia are we going to see in that movie?

    SV: That wasn’t a comedy but I guess when you like comedy, there’s always something funny that comes out. But life normally is funny. But it was not supposed to be a funny character at all, but it was great to work with her, it was very exciting for me.

    Q: What about Machete Kills? That’s another one.

    SV: That’s great, that’s another role that is not like a comedy, and like an action character, an assassin, that was a lot of fun.

    Q: Jessica Alba is in that too.

    SV: Yeah.

    Q: Do you have scenes together?

    SV: We don’t have scenes. I didn’t even see her when I went to Texas and it’s funny because sometimes in movies you don’t even see anyone and you are with great people and it’s like you just come in and go out and do your thing and then they make you leave.

    Q: And this was your first time working with Robert Rodriquez. How was that?

    SV: I always wanted to work with him because I think it’s a very new different kind of thing doing movies and he’s so involved in everything. And he’s great and so I always wanted to work with him. And I had an amazing time, like I was shooting and jumping, and driving.

    Q: So we are going to see you do some stunts?

    SV: Yeah. And looking like crazy. I saw little parts of things and like my face, these figures when I am screaming, like killing someone! Like, it was really scary. (laughs)

    Q: You’re one of the biggest beauty icons in the world now, how much pressure is that for you?

    SV: Well it’s great that at this age I’m still considered a beauty icon, because you know, after you start feeling time go by, things change. So of course I love it, I think it’s great that I’m showing a little bit more of the Latin looks all over the world, I’m showing a little bit of my ethnicity off. HBM

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