How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying!

    By Victor Green

    "Business is not an exact science. There is no written formula that can guarantee success, but there are basic rules that must be followed if you wish to thrive," says entrepreneur Victor Green.

    "It is often said that you must use common sense in business. Unfortunately, sense is not common these days – it's rare." In How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying! Green sets out to increase common sense amongst the masses. He presents the "basic rules" he believes businesses must follow to succeed — tackling subjects from identifying your audience to market research and even selling a company. Throughout the book, he shares anecdotes from his own professional experience and offers practical, "nitty-gritty" advice. The book is geared toward first-time entrepreneurs, small business owners, and college grads just starting out.

    A retired entrepreneur with more than 40 years of international business experience, Green offers answers in his book to common business questions and solutions to real life business predicaments, including:

    Starting a Business

    Identifying Your Audience

    Financial Management

    Buying and Selling a Business

    Why Businesses Fail

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