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How to A$K for Money – and More of It

    From Multi-Million Dollar A$K-Maker LAURA FREDRICKS

    Money - we all need it every day and we never have enough. HOW you ASK for it makes the difference between having it and not having it. The first step is Know Exactly What you Want and with Numbers.

    Take the example of Maddy. She is dynamic 21-year-old with a burgeoning new fashion start-up. When I asked her “how much money does her company need?” she said “$1.2 million.” Fantastic first start! I suggested she add the following to her statement: “I need $1.2 million and this is how it breaks down.” Use exact numbers when you are stating exactly what you want.

    Now that you know what you want, who can give it to you is the next question. Make a list of people and entities that are aligned with your business and your needs. Then ASK them in priority order. Start with people who have the potential to give you the BIGGEST amount. Maddy had a mentor who also had the best potential to give the first largest investment. She hesitated asking her because she is a mentor. I told Maddy, this is the absolute best person to ASK first.

    You are now poised for ultimate asking success. It is show time. Deliver with Confidence. Focus on your tone of voice, body language, and word selection. I advised that Maddy practice, that she stand in front of a mirror and take a look at what her mentor will see when she asks. She can also record her voice on her phone and make sure she is upbeat and inviting. The words I suggested: “You have been my mentor, and as you know, this work takes major investment. I want to ASK you to be THE FIRST to invest in ‘our’ work. Let me explain what I have in mind.”

    These small but powerful steps will set you on your path to your best A$K for Money! We will circle back at a later time and see how Maddy made out with her ASK.

    Here is a recap of “How to A$K for Money – And More of It.” Simply,

    1. Have a crystal clear idea of the exact amount you want.
    2. Share your story. “Why do you want the money? What will it do? How will it benefit the person being asked?
    3. Have a very good reason why you selected this person to ASK for money.
    4. Write down the parade of horrible responses you think you may get and have a dazzling response for each that focuses on your vision, your passion of why you need the money.
    5. ASK in person, you have a 75% + better chance that you will get the money if you do it face-to- face.
    6. Make your ASK with confidence, high energy, and picture perfect body language.
    7. ASK conversations always contain clues. What exactly did the person say when you made your ASK? Every word will give you the direction to get a final answer to your ASK.
    8. The fortune is in the follow up. The ASK without follow up = No Money.
    9. Always ASK “Who else might be interested” in giving money, making an investment?
    10. When you get the money, show what the investment has done and go back and ASK for more, always at a higher level.

    LAURA FREDRICKS is the Founder & CEO of THE ASK©. She is an attorney-turned-philanthropic advisor, who has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in industries best known for making high profile, multi-million dollar A$KS – law and philanthropy - and is the first to merge strategies from both professional sectors into a mainstream practice now known as THE ASK©. THE ASK© is today’s all-new self-help, motivational series for both women and men who have dreams, goals and a strong desire to have the best and most fulfilling personal and professional life possible. This new practice has placed LAURA on the national and international speaking circuits at conferences around the world. THE ASK© has also led LAURA to TV and radio appearances across the nation, and her expertise featured in national publications. Her four books have become the “go to” guides for numerous organizations around the world as well as used as academic material by the nation’s most prestigious universities. 

    Send your current predicament directly to LAURA on Twitter at Just ASK LAURA How! For other tips, tools and best practices on Money Matters as well as other everyday matters, visit the JUST ASK LAURA Blog at www.EXPERTonTHEASK.com.

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