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    The 8 Rules of Smartphone Business Etiquette

    Properly Separate Business and Pleasure and Stay Out of Trouble

    From using emoticons to texting late at night, your phone can get you in trouble if you're not careful. Here are a few guidelines to help you properly separate business and pleasure.

    Top Reasons to Update Your Electrical Outlets & Wall Plates in your Home Office

    Don’t Set Yourself Up for Disaster

    I know when my home office’s decor is feeling a little too bland and familiar, the first thing I do to spice the place up is replace the wall outlet plates. I'm sure you feel the same way. What's that? You don't? You've never even taken a second look at your wall outlet plates, have you?

    Are Our Smartphones Out-Smarting Us?

    5 Steps to Taking Back Your Brain

    Most of us constantly check our smartphones for text messages, emails, and the latest Tweets and Facebook updates at all hours of the day, whether we’re in a meeting, at lunch with a friend, or just at home in front of the TV. When used responsibly, smartphones can be great tools. But many of us would admit to allowing them to take over our lives. As a result, we miss out on the opportunities.

    Home Office Setup Basics with the Right Ergonomic Chair

    Adjusting Your Office Chair Can Mean the Difference between Pain and Productivity

    For most of us who work from a desk with a computer, the chair we use — whether in a home office or working from an employer’s space — may not have been chosen by us for that specific task. Whether it’s your chair of choice or not, proper adjustment of seat height and angle, lumbar support, and the angle of the back are critically important to productivity, say chair designers Tracy and Tom Hazzard, co-principals of their eponymous design firm Hazz Design.

    Extension Cord Safety Tips in Your Home Office


    Reduce the Risk of Extension Cord-Generated Fire, Electrical Shock and Property Damage

    When in need of an extension cord in the office or at home, it’s imperative to know that just because a particular cord is long enough, it’s not necessarily the right one for the job. This is according to CableOrganizer.com Product Specialist Christina Hansen, who notes, "Many erroneously believe length is the only characteristic that sets one extension cord apart from another, but there’s far more that should be considered."

    Workspace Organization Products


    Supporting Today’s Organizational Challenges


    OfficeMax’s workspace organization products from its private brand, [IN]PLACE®, offer a selection of versatile, portable and flexible office organization products with modern designs to support today’s organizational challenges in the home, place of business, or while on-the go.

    Why Faxing Will NOT Die

    Not Only Won’t It Die, The Number of Faxed Pages Is also Growing In Some Forms
    By Steve Adams

         Let’s be honest. By now, you’d think that faxing would be dead, a victim of all those killer apps (such as email, texting and IM) that came after it. You would expect that the only place you’d see a fax or hear the screech of a fax transmission would be in a movie from the ‘80s, or at an exhibit at the Smithsonian. But you would be wrong.


    The Future of Your Business is in the Palm of Your Hand

    Using the Power of Smartphones to Grow Your Business
    By Ford Saeks

    If someone had told Alexander Graham Bell that one day his invention would evolve into a device that could turn your lights on and off, he would have taken your temperature with a mercury thermometer, which incidentally, in 1876, hadn’t changed much in over 100 years.
        Remember when the cell phone first emerged? What started as a must-have device that didn’t tie you down has now morphed into a texting, tweeting, multi-tasking productivity and entertainment gadget that offers a wide range of possibilities for you and your business. The lightning-speed advancement of the Smartphone has left many companies scrambling to keep up with the technology and new opportunities.

    Top Three Green Savers That Are Free

    Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money without Spending Money

    By GREENandSAVE.com

    Do you own a small business?  Are you strapped for cash?  Do you find it hard to pay your vendors or employees?  The economic downturn is prompting business owners to reexamine all costs to figure out where they can cut down.  The perception is that going green costs more money, but that isn’t true. The following are small adjustments that any business can take that will save a bundle — for free!

    Instant Video Presenter

    Video Production Technology

    ej4, a company that has worked with Fortune 500s to produce thousands of promotional and training videos for hundreds of companies, has released Instant Video Presenter™ — a software application that allows users to create professional newsroom-style videos in minutes.



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