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Home Office Set-Up

    Home Office On the Cheap

    10 Ways to Set Up Yours for Under $100

    By Kristina Wyatt

    Whether you have an entire room to dedicate asyour office, or just a small corner of your bedroom to call your own, the home office is an integral piece of any home-based business. Setting up this space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; follow these steps below to create the gorgeous, functional office you dream of, on a budget.

    Before Going Paperless

    Four Things Businesses Need To Consider 

    By Matt Peterson, President and CEO of eFileCabinet

     In today's knowledge economy, businesses continue their commitment to reducing costs and improving profitability through innovation. Cost reduction is a key component of a company's pro-active, agile, innovative, strategic, and tactical direction. On average, a home or small business will spend 3% to 7% of its revenue on managing documents and filing paperwork — a tremendous opportunity waiting to be addressed.


    Overhaul Your Home Office in About an Hour

    A 7-Step Plan for a Better Home-Based Workspace

    Are you immobilized by clutter in your home office? Clutter costs you money. You buy duplicate items when you can't find existing ones. You lose important project information and thus customers' confidence. You spend labor hours looking for your stuff, perhaps missing work-related deadlines. Here's a solution — a seven-step plan to organize your office in one day.

    Creating a Productive Home Office

    One of the great advantages of having a home business is having your own home office that allows you to be as flexible and creative as possible to help suit your working style.

    Home Office Organization

    Get Smart and Know Where to Start


    Getting your home office organized, especially if you work from home, can seem like an impossible task. As the primary paper center of your home, your home office tends to have more piles of "stuff" that you need to do something with than any other room in the home. How do you organize those piles? How do you organize any part of your home office? What needs to be organized? And where do you even start?

    Because the home office is the primary paper center of your home, getting your files organized first will have the most dramatic impact on how the space looks and also about how you feel about the space.


    Avoiding Death by To-Do List


    15 Ways to Overcome Overload and Work Smarter in 2012
    By Jason Womack
    Rather than have a fresh start, 2012 probably began with 20+ tasks to add to your to-do list and an inbox full of e-mails begging for an immediate response. You already feel overwhelmed and incapable of getting everything done — and 2012 is shaping up to be another year of wishing things were different.
         It’s true. For too many of us, feeling anxious and overwhelmed has become the new normal in the home office. But 2012 can be the year you finally get a handle on your to-do list and start working—and living—at your best.

    No Place to Work?

    Here’s a Three Step Plan For Setting Up a Shared-Space Home Office
    By Suzanne Kearns

    Many people dream of running a business out of their home, but what they don’t think about is where they are going to do it. We’ve all heard of major corporations that started at the kitchen table or in the garage, but the reality is that most people need an organized, comfortable work space in order to be productive. And that’s where most people get stuck — they simply don’t have a spare bedroom that they can convert into an office.

    Information Overload in Your Home Office?

    Tame it and Make More Profit
    By Glory Borgeson

    Tom owns his own small business. His type of company allows him ample “desk time” in his office. Tom is interested in news that affects his business directly, government policies that affect small businesses in general, and he enjoys reading anything related to hot topics. Like most businesspeople, Tom gets his information via e-mail from various sources — particular Internet sites and certain TV news programs.When he took a look at how much time it was costing him each day to sift through (and digest) all of the information that interests him, it came out to about an hour and a half a day. That’s seven and a half hours a week!

    Video: How To Set Up a Home Office Without an Extra Room

    What if you do you not have an extra room that you can devote to a separate home office? Video shows you how to still find the space for a productive workspace.  

    Set Up Your Home Office Launching Pad

    Low-Cost Solutions for the Entrepreneur
    By Thomas Myer

    You've finally done it! You're stepping out on your own, doing your own thing, and heading for success. No more 9 to 5 serfdom in the anonymous cubicle farms of corporation land. You're going to make a difference, work with great clients, and lower your stress. What an adventure!



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