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Top 10 Threats to Data Security and Privacy for Businesses

    By myID.com

    Without the benefits of a large scale IT department, many small businesses have to operate their critical software on computers that are old, slow, and insecure. myID.com has 10 real threats facing small businesses.

    MyID.com is a new service from SafetyWeb.com that protects personal information and shields from identity theft with real-time alerts.

    1. Data Breach Resulting From Poor Networking Choices

    2. Data Breach Resulting From Improper Shredding Practices

    3. Identity Theft Resulting From Public Databases

    4. Identity Theft Resulting from Using a Personal Name Instead of Filing a DBA

    5. Tax Records Theft Around Tax Time

    6. Bank Fraud Due To a Gap in Protection or Monitoring

    7. Poor E-mailing Standards

    8. Failing to Choose a Secure Password

    9. Not Securing New Computers or Hard Drives

    10. Social Engineering Which Compromises Passwords or Confidential Information


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