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    Demand for Computer and Software Jobs Offers 2nd Career Opportunity


    Computer programming jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent by 2020, while software developer jobs are forecast to grow by 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Safe Document Storage for Home-Based Businesses

    The Biggest Mistakes Companies are Making Safe Document Storage

    In an expanding marketplace driven by competitive differentiation, small and medium enterprises face the challenge of establishing and running a responsive, cost-efficient, customer-centric, and profitable enterprise. More importantly, these businesses represent the future of the world's economy.

    How To Backup Your Computer Files

    And Why You Must

               If you’ve ever been a victim of a mild case of computer fever, a customer file that you couldn’t open, or an income or expense record that you or someone accidentally deleted, consider yourself lucky. Glitches like that pale in comparison to the ultimate computer disaster — a hard disk crash or a virus that wipes out all of your home business records.

    Top 10 Threats to Data Security and Privacy for Businesses

    Without the benefits of a large scale IT department, many small businesses have to operate their critical software on computers that are old, slow, and insecure. myID.com has 10 real threats facing small businesses.

    Home Users Live Dangerously with Computer Backup Practices

    80 Percent Report They Have Suffered Data Loss

    Home PCs and laptops that store ever-changing data, business information, photos, video, music and photos of consumers’ digital lives are backed up less than once a month, according to a new survey of the backup habits of home users conducted by Acronis®, Inc.(www.acronis.com - provider of storage management and disaster recovery software).


    Seven Tips to Having a Healthy Computer

    Simple Little Things that Even the Most Timid Technophile Can Do
    By Home Business Magazine

    Whether we are part of a small business, a multinational, or are just trying to find a recipe online at home, we seem to spend just as much time fixing “issues” and “conflicts” on our computers as we do working on them. For the home user, this is merely an inconvenience, but to a business it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars lost to decreased productivity or repairs. 

    Recession Survival: How to Create a Home Office Operation on the Cheap

    Innovative Ways to Say “Corporate” on a Ramen Noodle Budget
    By Sue Anderson, Marketing Lure, Inc.

    Every dollar spent on a home-based office eats away at net income, but cutting back too far can negatively impact the amount of revenue and type of clients you attract.


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