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    A productive home business means a productive home office. Learn how to select space and then set-up and equip your home office. Extensive information on computers and office technology.

    Product Reviews

    By The Company Corporation

    The Company Corporation®, provider of incorporation and business compliance services to entrepreneurs nationwide, has published A Mom’s Guide to Starting a Business, a free guidebook for "Mompreneurs" interested in startup up their own businesses.


    The free 25-step eBook highlights key aspects of business development.



    Internet Technology

    By Lance Brown, VP of Product Development at Huzzah Media, provider of innovative digital solutions for small businesses

    In today’s mobile world, it is critical that Main Street businesses engage with their customers on a more frequent basis since many of their big box counterparts are already doing so.  But small business owners are struggling to take the next step to expanding their digital footprint, in large part because of most of today’s online tools aren’t suited for their unique needs. 

    As overwhelming as going digital may seem, there are simple things small business owners can do to get started.

    Product Reviews

    As globalization and technology continue to enforce rapid change in the world’s economy – and in turn minimize opportunities for the average worker bee’s upward mobility – there has arguably never been a more important time in history to know how to create and manage one’s own career.

    In Everyday Entrepreneur [Dundurn Press], seasoned businessman Fred Dawkins exposes the truth – and tackles pervasive misconceptions – about what it really takes to stand on your own two feet and build a business from the ground up.

    Office Technology

    Five Unrealistic Expectations We Have of Our “Smart” Phones and Other Devices (and How to Get Back to Reality)

    By Geoffrey Tumlin

    Advertisements promise that the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets will put blazing speed at our fingertips, enable us to multitask like an octopus, and ensure that we never miss a thing. Because new technology promises—and does—a lot for us, it’s no surprise that we’ve fallen in love with it. But in our enthusiasm for our new digital communication tools, we’ve lost sight of the people behind the tools. It’s time to turn that around. 

    Read about five unrealistic expectations that have emerged during the long honeymoon of the digital communication revolution and what we need to do to correct them.


    Computers and Software


    Computer programming jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent by 2020, while software developer jobs are forecast to grow by 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Computers and Software

    The Biggest Mistakes Companies are Making Safe Document Storage

    In an expanding marketplace driven by competitive differentiation, small and medium enterprises face the challenge of establishing and running a responsive, cost-efficient, customer-centric, and profitable enterprise. More importantly, these businesses represent the future of the world's economy.

    Computers and Software

    And Why You Must

               If you’ve ever been a victim of a mild case of computer fever, a customer file that you couldn’t open, or an income or expense record that you or someone accidentally deleted, consider yourself lucky. Glitches like that pale in comparison to the ultimate computer disaster — a hard disk crash or a virus that wipes out all of your home business records.

    Computers and Software

    Without the benefits of a large scale IT department, many small businesses have to operate their critical software on computers that are old, slow, and insecure. myID.com has 10 real threats facing small businesses.

    How-To Guides

    Avoid Failure As You Aspire To Achieve Career Success of Any Measure


    America continues to be the world’s largest economy and boasts the lion share of global billionaires.* When considering the staggering success only an elite few attain in business, it begs the question, “What do these billionaires know that the rest of us don’t?” And, as importantly, “How can we avoid failure as we aspire to achieve career success of any measure?”



    Product Reviews

    How the Simple Art of Asking can Totally Improve Your Life

    Asking empowers us, yet it is one of the most underutilized tools we possess. In his insightful new book The Answer is Yes But First You Have to Ask, professional consultant and keynote motivational speaker Jim Charette explores the power of questions to help deliver more of what we want and need.



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