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    A productive home business means a productive home office. Learn how to select space and then set-up and equip your home office. Extensive information on computers and office technology.

    Office Technology

    How to Become More Employable as Smart Machines and Robots Become More Prevalent

    By Edward D. Hess

    Technology is replacing real jobs and will continue to do so at a record pace over the next couple of decades.

    We're accustomed to seeing this kind of thing in certain industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and banking. But now, says Professor Edward D. Hess, technology will be coming for white collar jobs, too.

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    For just a few dollars, that wire octopus behind the computer or electronics center, or running across the floor, can be easily gathered, shielded and aesthetically covered with thrifty cord control solutions from CableOrganizer.com.

    Product Reviews

    How to Successfully Navigate Family Business Conflict and Transition

    By: Henry Hutcheson

    Why are family businesses so challenging? Family is about unconditional love, and business is about profit. These two goals do not always align.

    This book explains that family businesses, like relatives, come in many shapes and sizes. It offers effective strategies for keeping communication open and dealing with difficult problems that may arise.


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    Masterfully crafted by Mark McClure, ‘Insane Marketing Strategies: How To Double Your Customer Base In Under 60 Days’ throws readers outside of the box, way outside of their comfort zone and light-years away from the stagnant marketing strategies that are stunting their growth.

    From how to double referrals in just nine minutes a day to the game-changing power of “reverse marketing”, the strategies McClure exposes could literally make millionaires out of those who thought the game was up.

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    Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue

    By Mitzi Perdue

    After years of hard work and ensuing success, Mitzi Perdue offers unique and poignant insights to leaders and readers around the world through her biography of Frank Perdue, who revolutionized the chicken industry. 

    Office Technology

    The 2015 trend for mobile app development is moving towards out-sourcing. 

    According to Michael Facemire from Forrester Research, mobile app development will move “away from a mentality of creating everything in-house… [and] successful teams will assemble pre-existing front-end components, or will create them where they don’t already exist.”

    Office Technology

    Conduct a Professional Video Conference

    By Herman Chan

    It does you no good to look the part when your background of a video conference  is a hot mess!

    Office Technology

    10 Tech Tidbits from IT Industry Association CompTIA

    As small businesses across the country mark National Small Business Week May 4-8, CompTIA, the IT industry association, offered some perspective on the evolving relationship between small business and technology.
    Discover 10 tidbits on small business and tech.
    Product Reviews

    By Home Business Magazine
    CableOrganizer.com, an industry-leading retailer of home theater-related solutions, spotlights budget-friendly products to help optimize the at-home entertainment experience.
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    The Art and Science of Becoming Happier, Managing Your Money wisely, and Creating a Secure Financial Future

    By Donna Skeels Cygan

    Not only is Donna Skeels Cygan, CFP®, MBA the owner of the financial advisory firm Sage Future Financial, LLC,, she has combined her professional expertise with groundbreaking psychological and neurological research to learn more about the roots of true happiness.



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