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    Eight Must-Know Tips to Grow Your Business

    The following are eight essential tips for shaping a good idea into a great business:

    1. “You can’t build a business like a hobby project.”

    The Texas Spirit Can Build a Better Business

    Texas is Proving to Be a Hotspot for Entrepreneurs

    “You don’t have to have extravagant wealth or a degree from Harvard to make it; a successful business requires essentially the same thing for a successful life —perspective,” says veteran Texas businessman David M. Smith. In his book The Texas Spirit (2014; Halcyon Press,, Smith reviews some common denominators for success.

    Are You Prepared to Leave the Business You Built?

    By Richardson-Mauro

    More and more small business owners are selling their companies, with sales hitting a four-year high earlier this year in the United States, and Canada predicting its largest small business turnover ever in the next five years.

    Kathleen Richardson-Mauro, co-author with Jane M. Johnson of a practical new guide, “Cashing Out of Your Business,”  suggests these steps for small business owners of any age to begin preparing mentally for their non-CEO future.


    The Small Business Struggle: Simple Ways to Start Improving your Online Presence

    By Lance Brown, VP of Product Development at Huzzah Media, provider of innovative digital solutions for small businesses

    In today’s mobile world, it is critical that Main Street businesses engage with their customers on a more frequent basis since many of their big box counterparts are already doing so.  But small business owners are struggling to take the next step to expanding their digital footprint, in large part because of most of today’s online tools aren’t suited for their unique needs. 

    As overwhelming as going digital may seem, there are simple things small business owners can do to get started.

    Business Building Tips for a Home-Based Biz

    10 Places Offline and Online to Find Potential Customers

    By Terry Seymour

    Building a successful online business is no easy task. It takes hard work, time, and commitment. As we all know, the success of a business is dependent on its customers who keep the business alive. Finding these customers is not always easy. Discover ten places, online and offline, you can effectively utilize to find and bring in those potential customers.

    Boost Your Online Mailing List


    One of the most powerful ways to build a successful online business is by creating relationships with your visitors so they can begin to trust you and feel comfortable ordering from you. 

    Are you Committed or Just Interested?


    We all know that commitment is fundamental to effective execution and high performance, yet many of us fall short of our commitments on a regular basis.

    3 Keys for Adapting to Any Career Change

    Whether you work for yourself or are employed in an organization, one thing is for certain: at some point your career will change.

    Entrepreneurs Play by Different Rules in Uncertain Times

    For businesses, switching gears to deal with inclement economic conditions involves adopting new perspectives and practices:

    The Growth Gamble for a Home-Based Business

    Why Business Leaders Need a Vegas-Mindset to Successfully Grow

    Have you ever watched a professional blackjack player in Las Vegas? They usually have a specific process they use to up their chances of winning big. First, they pick the right table. Then, they test the waters. They make small bets to see where the game is going. As they watch the cards and learn more about the game and their opponents, they periodically increase their bets or they fold certain hands. It all happens fast, and they understand that they’ll lose a lot of hands in this "testing the waters" phase of play. But the information they gain during the process allows them to increase their bets and win big later on. Business growth is a lot like playing blackjack.



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