Diversifying a Biz

    Understand Female Buying Habits and Increase Your Home Business

    Why you Should Focus More on Marketing Towards Woman
    By Ross Shafer

    If you are losing your market share or not meeting sales projections, chances are you aren’t relevant to the most important sex.

    7 Rules to Starting a Successful Home Business in a Recession

    How to Build and Diversify a Stable New Home-Based Business
    By Steve Strauss

    If you wanted easy, you would not have chosen to start your own home-based business. If you wanted easy, you would have decided to keep working for The Man.

    Branching Out in Your Home Business

    Grow Your Home Business By Expanding Horizontally
    By Christopher J. Bachler  

    Even if you plan to always work from home, you’ll probably need to expand. You might want or need more money. You might need to grow, just to keep up with your competitors. If nothing else, you know that some of your customers will eventually disappear, and the cost of doing business will continue to rise. So expansion isn’t just an ambitious dream—it’s a real-world necessity!

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