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    Meet the Web Developer Who Works for Free

    He Extinguishes the Reputation of Industry Known for “Burning” Clients

    California-based Tom Litchfield is going beyond the usual “free consultation” offered by his web development peers, taking on everything from setting up WordPress websites to cleaning infected servers without charging a dime.

    According to Tom, “It’s a totally trend-bucking way for me to help nonprofits and legitimate small businesses who have been burned by greedy web developers in the past.” 


    Easy Steps for Designing A Professional Web Site for your Home Business

    Common Software Makes it Cheap and Easy to Launch Your Online Presence for Your New Business Launch

    By Kathleen Frassrand
    You cannot start up a new business in today’s environment without a web site.

    Will Your New Website Design Pay Off?

    How To  Know If It’s Time To Upgrade

    To a lot of CEOs, a website is a bit like owning an older car: It’s given you a pretty good run for your money, and it does what you need it to do. Sure, the mileage isn’t great — but is upgrading really a top priority?

    Can You Redesign My Website?

    The clients are different, but the question is always basically the same. Can you redesign my website?  It doesn't matter how the question is phrased, every time it's asked, I give the same response:


    Small Businesses See Web Design the Most Daunting Aspect of Getting Online

    Nearly half the nation’s small businesses are without websites and even those with sites feel they are struggling, according to 1,100 small businesses surveyed by Yola, one of the nation’s largest free website builders.

    Basic Principles in Web Site Security for your Home-Based Business

    Protecting Your Online Business Presence
    By Christopher Grello

    Security is an important element of any web business. When you are examining your security, one of the first things you should ask yourself is: What are you protecting? What is your "crown jewel”?

    5 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Web Site is Ready

    Universal Search is Coming to your Home Business Web Site
    By Caroline Melberg

    Just when you think you've come to understand search engine optimization (SEO) for your small business web site, a new term crops up and leaves you scrambling to figure out your next step.

    31 Benefits Your Next Online Shopping Cart Should Offer

    Upgrading Your Online Shopping Cart

    By Dan Janal

    Are you thinking about upgrading your shopping cart so you can take advantage of today’s improved online shopping carts?

    Ten Steps to a Successful Web Site

    Follow These Fundamentals to Create or Improve Your Online Web Presence
    By Steve Cochard, President, Back to the Beach Software

    Business software features “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editors that will typically hide the underlying technologies from you.


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