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    Four Reasons Businesses Should Take Hashtags Seriously

    Different ways a Home Business can Use Hashtags to Their Advantage.

    Hashtags have become a prominent part of the online atmosphere and as of late, more and more social media sites have allowed for the categorizing program known as Hashtags. Hashtags are used to allow users to tag posts, pictures, or even video with a hash symbol (#) followed by a word or phrase, such as #Newtek.

    What is Your Social Media Policy?

    10 Tips to Write a Social Media Policy in Business

    Every business needs a social media policy that promotes growth and protects against risk.

    Most business owners are now aware that having a social media presence is important for the success of their businesses. While social media presents unthinkable growth opportunity, it also opens the company up to risk.


    Facebook and Your Home Business

    The Anatomy of an Effective Facebook Post

    An effective Facebook strategy for your businessone that achieves your goals of education, engagement, lead generation or feedbackrequires thoughtful planning. Cover and profile photos, tabs and favorite apps, milestones and more, must all be considered in order to maximize all that Facebook’s new Timeline layout offers.

    The “voice” of your Facebook page should reflect the image you are trying to project.

    80% on Facebook & 45% on Twitter - Is Your Home-Based Business Ready Now?

    Survey Offers Valuable Insights

    An increasing number of companies use popular so

    cial network sites. 80% of the American companies use Facebook, 45% have a Twitter account, 48% are present on LinkedIn, and 31% use YouTube. These numbers show that American companies have evolved further in their social media usage compared to companies in Europe.


    LinkedIn Marketing for Home-Based Companies

    The Audiences on LinkedIn That Will Double Your Sales Guaranteed

    During a presentation that I was giving at a small business owner’s boot camp, I was asked a very interesting question by one of the attendees: “I am a real estate agent and I am not sure how LinkedIn can help me, since it is a business-to-business (B2B) platform and I am targeting consumers and homeowners. Should I be focusing just on Facebook, which is more consumer-oriented? And, if I should be on LinkedIn, how can I best utilize it to help me obtain more business and clients?”

    3 Reasons Why Most Home-Based Business Owners Fail To Attract Clients Using LinkedIn

    Make Linkedin a Key Part of Your Socila Media Plans

    Just by avoiding these common LinkedIn mistakes, you will begin to build your list of connections and prospects and turn them into paying customers:

    The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth

    Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

    Once a skeptic and now an outspoken proponent of LinkedIn, seasoned businessman and “LinkedIn Guru” Wayne Breitbarth is passionate about helping business professionals—from entry level to CEO—harness the immense power of this leading-edge tool.

    5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Consultant

        With the strong emergence of social media in the Internet marketing world, every Tom, Dick and Harry has come out saying they are social media experts.

    10 Steps to Promoting with Facebook

    Use the Social Networking Website to Connect with Current Customers and Attract New Ones

    Location. Location. Location. We’ve all heard that phrase when it comes to selecting real estate. It’s probably the reason you have the business location that you do. It also applies to advertising and marketing. If you are not promoting your business in the right location, you’re not likely to get the attention you’re looking for. With the popularity of Facebook and a user base of over 500 million, it’s easy to see why companies large and small are using the social networking website to stay in contact with their current customers, and to attract new ones.

    Social Media Butterfly Anil Sabharwal

    Why Social Media is So Important to Your Home Business

    By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

    As one of the top-rated blog platforms, Blogger, owned by Google, represents an authoritative voice in social media. Anil Sabharwal helps shape the product direction for Blogger, which boasts hundreds of millions of active readers. He is a recognized serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of senior leadership experience in the high-tech sector.
        Recently, Home Business Magazine® spoke with Anil Sabharwal, senior product manager for Google Apps about home businesses and social media.


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